It is so important to take care of our mind, such as caring for our bodies. Let’s see how to take care of our mental balance.

The mind is our channel connection to the world. What we perceive him and what we project to him, first passes through our mental filters. Therefore it is very important to take care of our mind and our body care. A healthy mind is what allows us to maintain serenity, joy and the ability to act in every situation more accurately. If we maintain a good balance between emotions and thoughts, the harder we feel lost or confused in the bad times. It’s like keeping the windows clean our house, to see out properly.

How to keep a healthy mind?

Some signs that can help us maintain mental balance desirable. For starters, we can follow these steps:

Analyze your attitudes, thoughts and beliefs, and decide what all this will produce some bad feeling or problem. Take perspective of one’s thoughts makes us see how we are , or belief or behavior that leads to more mistakes. Recognizing them is a good way to correct this bad attitude, this vice or habit that we carry in our life conflicts.


Keep your brain knowledgeable, give good basis to judge and decide. Not everything that says television, newspapers or other media is true, should learn to compare , read, learn most trusted sources before making value judgments about an idea or created something. It is proven that an active mind and accustomed to discussing what you read and learn, older remains lucid and has less risk of deterioration with age.

Feed the mind correctly. Consuming products that help strengthen the brain, such as vegetables, nuts, even a bit of chocolate, give antioxidants you need and prevent degenerative diseases with Alzheimer. Phosphorus, potassium and vitamins are very important for proper brain function. And, of course, exercise and fresh air are very beneficial.

Be positive, open-minded and mentally

Positivity is different for optimism, though often confused, that is not simply imagine that everything will be okay, but moves the subject to get it. Being positive is to have confidence that, doing the right thing, any situation can be resolved and any goal can be achieved. It is not just expected, but have faith in the good results, if the work and seek the most effective ways to get them. Sometimes it is hard to stay positive, but you can always be positive, even in the worst of times, because it is evaluating what we can learn or take out of this bad situation temporarily. As hard as it is to understand, even a loss can leave positive life lessons.

Being receptive means listening, perceiving and understanding that comes from abroad. If we rush in our judgments, our mind will soon draw conclusions that can be misleading. One must know how to weigh the words and actions of others and the circumstances of each situation. Go with the nerves of the moment or negative emotions, not the best way to control the tough times and adds drama to the fact unnecessary.

Being open mind is knowing that we too can admit being wrong about something, or that others may believe to be acting or thinking straight. pick on in an opinion does not make it more convincing, plead it themselves, mainly by keeping the serenity. Anyway, may differ on opinions or views with some people, this is transcendent in our lives and in those cases it is better to respect, learn to understand the difference of opinion and not judge people for what they believe.

Seek help if necessary

On occasion, we may feel too emotionally blocked to see things clearly. In times of grief, loss of possessions or job, when we go through a bad time mood or emotional upset that we fail to understand, our mind does not seem able to answer us well and remain calm and clear thinking.

At such times, you need someone to help us. Sometimes you just use a good friend, family member or someone who can listen utmost trust and understand. Talking about feelings always helps . But, if it’s something more complex, with symptoms of high anxiety or depression, should go to professionals who can tell us how to overcome it. Psychologists are for that, and there are various therapies that we choose and that will help us better understand ourselves and the circumstances or traumas we are experiencing. Do not be prejudice, nor ashamed, for having to ask for help, we are human, and the mind can become ill, but it means losing the trial. The sooner you consult a therapist or professional, the easier it is to overcome the problem.