Whether you knew it or not, your liver is vitally important to your digestive system as well as the rest of your body. While you should always take care of yourself, sometimes you have to do a little extra to protect your vital organs.

So what can you do to protect your liver?

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See A Doctor

It makes sense to see a doctor if you’re ill, but what if don’t feel unwell? Protecting your liver isn’t just about reacting to problems as they arise. It’s about catching things before the can progress.

There are some illnesses related to the liver that you might have. You may not even know about them until it is too late. Seeing a doctor and asking for liver function tests is a good way to know if it’s in working order. If you have a condition that affects the liver, it makes it even more important that you protect it.

Cut Out The Booze

While your liver can tolerate a bit of alcohol, in excess it can be seriously damaged. You might wonder why excess entails though. For a lot of people, they think excess can entail upwards of five drinks at a time. In reality, it’s over two per day for men and over one per day for women.

It might come as a surprise that excess has such a low threshold. That just goes to show how bad alcohol is for the liver. Even as a casual drinker, your Friday or Saturday nights out may be causing swelling and scarring on your liver. This damage is permanent. Once your liver is failing, it cannot get better.

If you’re drinking several times daily, you may have a problem. Alcohol is addictive, and it can sometimes be very hard to see how much of a problem you have without an intervention. Some treatment centres exist, including specialist services like gender segregated alcohol treatment centers for women and alcohol treatment centers for men.

Diet And Exercise

Your body is like a machine. Without the right fuel it’ll never function properly. If it isn’t used, it can get rusty.

Your diet should be clean and natural. Avoiding fatty liver disease is as easy as avoiding bad foods. A treat here and there can’t hurt but use in moderation. Also, be sure to drink water steadily through the day.

As for exercise, just find something that works for you. Exercise is a very broad tent; you’ll find many different activities that you can enjoy. If you can challenge yourself with it and have fun at the same time, you’ll have found your exercise of choice.

Take Your Medicine

If you have a condition relating to the liver already, please take any medication you have for it. Being lax with your medication can stop the effectiveness of it. If you are told to take it regularly, that is what you must do. Trust your doctor.

A healthy liver is a healthy life. Don’t forget that. It may just save you in the future.