Keep in mind that it is important that the mattress can adapt to your body structure and not that you adapt to that mattress so that you can also have a good sleep with the best mattress for back pain . Another tip is to first try the best mattress in the store and keep trying them all down in quality. You will notice the right level that your back needs between firmness and fluff to sleep at ease all night. Your back will notice the changes and will adapt to show you, which one is best for you. The idea that a hard mattress is good for preventing back pain or placing a wooden board between the mattress and the mattress is unfounded.


It is the same obsolete idea of ​​recommending swimming for all those who have contractual or back strain. We are different, and a rather individual recommendation will be the key to preventing back pain. With a very soft mattress works all over the body and especially the spine that loses its correct alignment as it will sink the shoulders and pelvis on the mattress. This can cause neck pain, migraines, and musculature pains in the morning when we wake up. It also happens that a very firm mattress is bad in the back because it does not fit well to the spine and body. If a person moves, a lot while sleeping and suffers from back pain. He will not stop waking up during changes in sleep positions if the mattress is too hard or too soft.

As advice for people suffering from deviations of the spine due to dorsal hypnosis, scoliosis or any other more pronounced spinal curvature. It will be more advisable to use a firm mattress with more fluff to fit the spine. Its importance since the mattress should allow a proper regulation of the body temperature to ensure the sleep. If we pass too much heat, sweat and sleep poorly. The threshold of back pain is modified. It also happens if we are cold. Natural materials such as wool and cotton favor a better heat exchange. I hope that these tips will help you choose the best mattress for you. The most important thing is to try several mattresses to determine. Also, keep in mind that choosing a good mattress is safe for preventing back pain.