The bloating is an annoying disorder that almost always takes over at the end of meals, due to the presence of a small amount of intestinal gas, which causes painful tension in the abdomen. The problem can be generated by different causes : lifestyle messy, sedentary lifestyle or an unbalanced diet lacking in fiber. In other cases, it may be indicative of a more serious problem and pathological nature. But we are going to analyze, point by point, the triggers of abdominal bloating and advice to solve this problem permanently.


ABDOMINAL SWELLING GENERATED BY STRESS. Nervousness, anxiety and stress, can affect the delicate balance of the gut, leading to problems of flatulence, bloating and bowel sounds. To eliminate the problem , it should be possible to limit those situations that generate stress, trying to slow down the pace of work and give yourself a break anymore. During lunch, do not eat in a hurry: a chew slower, aids digestion and prevents accidental swallowing of air, which turns into gas (flatulence). Golgi specific exercises regularly available to increase intestinal motility (on youtube there are many) to go to the office and walk on foot, rather than taking the car. Quit smoking: among the many harmful effects of cigarette, bloating is a consequence. If you are unable to sleep, herbal tea, chamomile or Valerian can sleep. Split into two meals , and in three main fruit snacks, the total daily flow: remember you never have to get up from the table sated, and drink between meals. And finally, the last essential element associated with a correct life style , a proper diet.

AGAINST THE ABDOMINAL SWELLING, CHANGE YOUR EATING HABITS. Are to avoid foods such as legumes (especially beans and chickpeas) and excessive intake of milk and dairy foods or too seasoned and salted, ready to gastronomy. Sweets, candy, snack foods, snacks, chewing gum and sugar substitutes such as maltitol worsen the situation, as well as carbonated drinks and alcohol. Avoid consuming broccoli, cabbage, onions, cabbage and peppers because they facilitate the formation of air in the intestine. And again oranges and other foods rich in yeast including pasta, bread processed. For dairy products, prefer mature cheese type grain, and better ban from the board frying, cooking food steamed, stir-fried or baked. Experts also recommend eating more meals rich in protein and fiber, such as lean meats, fish, eggs, tuna in water, rice, whole grains, low-fat cheese, carrots, fennel, celery, zucchini. The fruit is preferable to consume between meals and make regular use of herbal teas made ​​from fennel and anise reduce abdominal tension. The lactic acid bacteria or pro biotic yogurt are excellent allies to rebalanced the intestinal flora, while the charcoal can be essential to eliminate that sense of diffuse swelling. Finally, for constipation problems, natural fibers to be taken daily dissolved in a glass of water, will certainly be the case.