Tinnitus is a very strange feeling and annoying time that happens at least 17% of the world population, focusing on one-third in the elderly. Tinnitus is called a sound that can only hear the affected and resembles a buzz that does cause a lot of stress and moodiness person who suffers. If you think you may have this disorder or think that someone close may have it, you want to know what is tinnitus, what causes it and know all the necessary information about it. In this article you will find most of your answers so you know if the suffering and to do.

hearing problem

Defining ecophene

When asked a person who suffers from this condition is what you feel, many speak or constant ringing noise, the exact definition varies, listening to some beeps, others the sound of the sea, and on the other side timbres. What everyone agrees is that this noise  does not come from an external source  to them, can only listen to them, and causing great discomfort, disabling certain daily tasks such as sleeping sleep.

So you have told those affected by this disorder, we can describe as various types. There are those who continuously hear that buzzing in his head, accompanying them throughout the day and night, standing as a residual noise inside their ears, and on the other side are those who feel the buzz on certain occasions, like a pulse or some interference at certain times of the day.

Possible causes of tinnitus

There are several possible causes that result in this hearing disorder, especially there are three of them that you will discuss below. One of the most common causes is due to the injury of the auditory pathway. These injuries can even cause a small hearing loss. Among the most common injuries are those, which are produced by infections or diseases, like the aging of the entire hearing aid. Studies confirm that at least one third of those affected by tinnitus exceed 60 years.

In our body everything is connected and a disorder or condition can trigger the possibility of having a different one. It is the case of  bruxism which is the disorder gnashing of teeth when sleeping, although there are other problems related to cervical can also give rise to have adverse effect on hearing. As a final cause, and not least, we find the stress. If we did a study on the increasing cases of people suffering from tinnitus due to stress, we could say that this number would be fired in recent years because of stress in which they are immersed people for work or within the family problems.

In most cases, the patient is treated by means of  medication  prescribed by a specialist. By studying the origin of tinnitus, it has been seen that these people recorded increased activity at some point in the cerebral cortex, especially dedicated to emotions, therefore vasodilators are used to this pressure and activity is reduced. Generally, these medicines sound intensity is reduced, arriving in many cases disappear completely.

There are therapies that what they do is get the person used to living with this ringing in my head, educating the patient and making that sound becomes something that is present, but you should not pay attention. This therapy is known as TRT and is one of the most widely used treatments before giving way to the headphones.