There’s an exciting new coffee flavored drink on the beverage market, and surprisingly it’s not even really coffee. Le-Vel Thrive has recently announced its Thrive Cafe Premium Coffee Beverage in a new Creamy Mocha flavor. This interesting and healthy new beverage is not coffee at all. Instead its a coffee-tasting beverage full of minerals, antioxidants, plant extracts, and vitamins. This Thrive Experience delivers support for mental clarity, extra energy, and healthy weight level support. Individuals can drink it either cold or hot. It only needs a mixture of either cold water or hot water to mix.

Americans Are Addicted to Their Coffee and This Comes With A Health Cost

Fully 62 percent of American consumers drank a coffee in the previous 24 hours according to the industry organization the National Coffee Association. This is the highest consumption since 2014. Today ever younger people are beginning their mornings with one or more cups of coffee too.

This would not be so bad, except for the fact that there are negative health side effects from over-drinking coffee. Acid indigestion is one of the chief of these, thanks to the high acidic bias of coffee. By drinking the Thrive Cafe alternative beverage, consumers have the pleasure of the taste of coffee and additional healthy supplements but none of the acid indigestion or jittery caffeine side effects.

There are also unwanted calories to consider with regular coffee. The average mocha coffee from a coffee shop comes with chocolate syrups and even whipped cream. This means literally hundreds of calories per cup, plus significant fat content and maybe five teaspoons worth of sugar (or even more). Alternatively, Thrive beverage only boasts a mere 50 calories, three sugar grams, and two fat grams per cuppa. The taste is so out of this world that the most die hard coffee drinkers will enjoy the smooth mocha taste.

Le-Vel Products Continue to Impress Consumers

Co-CEO’s Paul Gravette and Jason Camper are justifiably proud of their latest alternative beverage. They boasted about how they have been able to deliver warmth and flavor typical of a good cuppa Joe alongside high quality ingredients that lead to a superior lifestyle. The daily ritual of drinking coffee is not done away with, only enhanced in their opinions.

Besides the new Thive Mocha beverage, Le-Vel produces a range of other drinks. These include Thrive Premium Lifestyle Mix, Premium Lifestyle Capsules, DFT, Activate, THRIVE Kids, Balance, Boost, FORM, Move, Black Label, Pure, and Rest. The success of these and other products has enabled them to expand to over seven million brand promotion and customer accounts. They ship these products throughout the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico, New Zealand, and Australia.