As a baby boomer, you probably long for the days when your skin was firmer.  Every morning, you see crows’ feet near your eyes and sagging skin by your mouth and neck.  You also notice that the area around your stomach needs some tightening. No matter how many crunches you do or the number of miles you run, you cannot get back to the way you looked 20 years ago.  Yet, you also feel that you are still competing with younger people for jobs, mates and friends.  What can you do?

Some people decide on plastic surgery.  Such invasive treatment carries with it the potential for infection and complications.  In addition, because it is elective, plastic surgery is not covered by insurance so it is expensive.

There is another treatment, thermage, which is not invasive and is less expensive.  The technique uses radiofrequency to heat the subcutaneous layers of the skin.  This heating causes tightening of the skin by causing collagen strands to contract.  It also causes new collagen to form, which also tightens the skin.  Over the course of several months, the skin continues to tighten, providing improved appearance without surgery.

There is a clinic where you can get thermage in Dallas.  Dr. Bill Johnson, an acclaimed physician, provides a number of skin treatments, including thermage.  Dallas is a city where appearance makes a difference in personal and career success and Dr. Johnson wants to help by giving you every advantage possible.  Thermage is much safer than plastic surgery because it requires no cutting and no bleeding.  Its benefits continue for six to nine months after the procedure and last up to five years.

Now you can look younger and feel more satisfied with your appearance without the cost and risk of plastic surgery.  Thermage is the answer for many people.