Beautiful, healthy and well-groomed hair especially women is important. Below you will learn what you can do without much effort for it.

Many women suffer from “hairy” problems such as too thin, limp, brittle and unmanageable hair and feel less attractive. It can be improved with a few maintenance tips the condition of the most beautiful jewels of a woman clearly.

Avoid using skin care products with silicone

Silicone can be seen in the list of ingredients is usually to the suffix “cone”. This substance, which is contained in many hair care products, sets, as a layer around the hair, and sealed it were. That makes it more true shiny and well maintained, but the actual condition of the hair is covered in the truest sense of the word. For sensitive scalp silicone is also not suitable because it can lead to dandruff and itching. Finally adhere poorly to the tints and dyes hair , as this can not take the color. So there is little reason to use care products with silicone, but a lot to do without it. When purchasing hair care products so you should make sure that no silicone-containing ingredients are included.

Avoid better to aggressive detergents

Aggressive detergents such as “sodium laureth sulphate” are also found in many shampoos. They make the hair nice and clean, but have an irritating effect and dry out, especially the scalp, which can subsequently lead to itching and other skin irritations. This substance is also suspected to contribute to the formation of carcinogenic nitrates and dioxins. Therefore it is better to beauty products, “sodium laureth sulfate” included to refrain entirely. Meanwhile, the commercial also silicone-free products are available. A look at the ingredients is enough. Who wants to be on the safe use, best mild baby shampoo that is gentler on the hair and scalp. Care products for babies are usually (not always).


* no artificial coloring
* Fragrance free
* soap-free and
* ph-neutral

so that they are otherwise suitable products with harsh ingredients, even for daily hair washing.

Herbal hair colors maintain the hair in a gentle way

The Herbal Hair Color Henna is most famous women. This is the powder from the ground leaves of the indigo bush, which is processed along with natural vegetable additives. Henna is often associated as a coloring material with the typical henna red hair, but henna is not only having a coloring effect, but also a neutral color, so not commercially available staining.

Henna is a natural product with no chemical additives, especially in the attacked, damaged, damaged and slightly oily hair one very good care effect achieved. Unlike most chemical hair dyes that penetrate the hair, henna hair wraps from the outside and is positioned as a protective and smoothing layer around each individual hair. Fine and thin hair gains in volume automatically. Also intensifies the natural henna hair color, and the hair shine. Since Henna has a slightly drying effect, it also shows for greasy hair positive effects . The application of color-neutral henna is a bit complicated, since we mixed the mush of color as long as possible to soak, but you will be rewarded with a shiny and “thicker” hair for the effort. If you consistently follow these few tips, can soon enjoy the good condition of his hair.