The suggestive influence of the healing process is indisputable. But why the medicine operated primarily chemical agents?

Long white medicine that the majority of illnesses is psychological illness. But instead of intervening at the root, they often fight the symptoms. By contrast, in tens of thousands of years and evolved traditional deal healing practices of medicine men and healers less with the body of the patient, rather than the disease itself to me it fails to locate, it is removed. If not, it is true, the sick, the lost parts of his soul to give back. To accomplish this, it requires a certain preparation and rituals: day-long fasting , sleep deprivation, being alone with nature, rhythmic dances. Weakened by these rituals and so open to the invisible world of the healers get the souls of the ancestors in the right direction shown.

The Western medical science and the long psychotherapy responded with a certain horror to the healing methods of primitive peoples. quackery was the mildest criticism that they made ​​them. However, distinguish himself from a noticeable change. In many U.S. hospitals allow physicians that their patients tribal doctors have come to her bedside. Quite a few modern physicians recommend, in special cases, such a treatment specifically. More and more Psychotherapy in the university departments set up more shamanic methods to heal their patients.


Mind, body and soul form a unity

It means that in a sick body lies a sick soul. This is also the medicine man, shaman, spiritual healer. You see a disease never isolated as physical defect, but integrated into the whole personality picture of the patient. The causes of the medicine man seeks accordingly extremely rare in purely physical level. He’s primarily the mindset responsible for a disease. Therefore, the medicine man has always to positive thinking back to diseases deny entry to the body.

Ambition, envy, jealousy, backbiting, hatred not correspond to healthy mind and / or a healthy soul . Pull the body affected. Joy, gratitude, love , humility and devotion are signs of an intact soul. A healthy mind is in harmony with creation, the nature of the world around them, and therefore also with yourself is healthy, and so is her earthly body .

Magical and mythical worldviews

Quite a bit is the same healing techniques of modern psychotherapy and the shaman. Both make use of suggestion and auto-suggestion. But the shamanic healing art based on thousands of years of global experience. A strictly logical foundation she has never cared. She replaced him with magical and mythical worldviews. Even so, the medicine men have differentiated the disease. One of the main causes of disease is the loss of the soul . What it means is that smaller or larger parts of the soul, as it were moral responsibilities as the ability to love , the ability to concentrate or the joy of life will be lost. These parts are missing, then the body gets sick. He reacts with circulatory problems, heart palpitations, blood pressure, stomach ulcers and other things.

The loss of soul parts may cause some shock, traumatic events such as rape. The soul can be stolen. A mother can take away from misguided love soul parts of their child without them being aware. the child matures then not reach a complete, harmonious personality. Does the soul in the dream of wandering, so it leaves the body, it can happen that in case of sudden waking no longer fast enough in their tabernacles back place. This too can have traumatic consequences.