The contact lenses are of particular lenses that replace eyeglasses and that are inserted directly in the eye. These lenses are very thin and have a concave shape which best fits your eye, and this helps a lot when inserting the lens in our eye . They are composed of a variable percentage of water and occur in small containers , in which there is a saline solution appropriate not to damage the lenses, which never must be treated with water, but only with the specific solution. In this guide, in particular, we will see how to correctly insert the soft lens in our eye.

contact lenses

Marketed the lenses can be either soft monthly, daily, weekly or yearly, depending on how often you should replace. A very effective method to learn how to wear a pair of soft lenses is initially to get familiar with our eyes trying to approach the lens to the eye and trying to let her in. Yes, because the lens when it is taken from its box presents cold and wet, it is taken with the finger, simply by inserting the index finger into the box and once the lens remains attached must lay it on the palm of the other hand. The lens will obviously have to be with the concave side resting on the palm of his hand as if it were a glass. Now we have to fetch it from below, ie from the concave, with the index finger of his free hand, so that we can bring to the eye as seen in the image. We put ourselves in front of a mirror, very close to see well our eye and with his free hand we lower the lower eyelid and with the hand on which we put the lens we approach the eye trying to let her in. We will have to repeat the same operation for the other eye.

After inserting the lenses not panic, remove them is even easier because now we have become familiar with our eyes and “put” literally a finger in the eye will not be a problem. To take the lens inside the eye can simply lower the lower eyelid with your left hand, then with the index finger gently pull down the lens looking up and then with two fingers (thumb and forefinger) plucking it with slight pressure and remove. Then all that remains is still continue to practice several times.

Once removed, the lenses are kept in two containers attached one for each lens, in which it will put before the liquid to preserve them and then store the lenses. The two containers were written on the cover letters both in Italian and in English corresponding to “right” and “left” because the lens of the right eye will always go in the right or in any case closed container with the lid that says D / R (Left / Right), instead of the lens in the left eye will go into the container with the lid that says S / L (Left / Left).

Now, explain the process, we are making some important premises. First, if the lens causes annoyance could simply mean that it is on the contrary, just reverse it. The lens is wrong if looking perspective has the lips facing slightly outward. Another trick is to make sure that the lens is clean before you put it, otherwise put it in the palm of your hand and throw over the liquid then massage it with your finger, gently because they may break. Last foresight would be to have your nails short, so as to prevent the lens from breaking, but to be honest once you’ve learned to handle it well will not be a problem if they are a little bit long, but it still always depends each of us.