The diabetes is definitely a very common disease and especially that it can affect a lot of people a year. The proper prevention is therefore very important to prevent the onset of this disease. There are in fact many ways that we can keep in close consideration in order to implement the best possible prevention .

The first way to protect yourself from diabetes , it can be surely to get regular of healthy physical activity such as running or swimming. Physical activity is in fact be critical to keep our body in perfect condition. A second device could also be the one to prefer healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet avoiding those high calorie foods or fried foods and preference for healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals such as fruits and vegetables. It can also be useful to replace refined grains with whole grains because the latter maintain more stable blood glucose levels in the blood. Then prevent abuse of salt to flavor various foods because the abuse of salt can cause high blood pressure, preferring instead cinnamon and ginger which are veritable natural hypoglycemic.


A suggestion might also be to avoid foods high in sugar such as cakes and pastries, but also various snacks maybe limiting them to some special occasion like a party or a birthday. In addition, exposure to the sun promotes the synthesis of vitamin D in our body, this vitamin can in fact reduce the risk of diabetes, while in winter it is recommended to take foods rich in vitamin dee if necessary also real and its supplements food that still contain this vitamin. Finally, you might even resorting to a consultation with our doctor to family use a chromium supplement. Chromium in fact can greatly improve the action of insulin and also blood glucose control.

In so many are the ways in which we can work to prevent this disease is possible in the case maybe turn to a dietitian or at least to a professional power supply that can describe a tailored diet and especially the smallest detail in order to ensure maximum prevention or even ask for a consultation to the family doctor of any supplements that can be taken. But what can really be certain is that in the most correct possible to prevent this disease can give the great satisfaction.