To be, or not, goes through a detailed scan of the body’s own right?

Passing over statistics, plastic surgery, depressions, each and every one of those people in the world are unhappy with some or much of his body, with few exceptions.

The body of ordinary men and women

On this side are housewives, working women, mothers, wives. They make some effort, they have left, to beautify “outside out”, makeup, hair, nails, clothing, footwear, but zero balanced, healthy food, no happiness. Some prefer to borrow to go to theater to get a face or any part of your gymnastics equipment that can be admired when they detect a fault in it, no matter how small. Hence the false: love yourself, it really is, “dress up with another side to the other I want,” But what’s inside of every person knows the truth: none of this makes anyone happy. Including men, although they take much more quiet, they still feel a little upset with the baldness and the bulging stomach or “belly”, excessive thinness or overweight.


Checked himself

The suffering of the person to feel rejected and highly crucified leads, in many cases even to the most terrible out: suicide, but it never is, the real solution requires a look inside each one and see what happens. Sometimes it is very confusing and desperate, but for this there is patience because if there are things in life that are worth a lot is just to live one’s existence and self full of freedom, self-knowledge and acceptance , is to enjoy everything and all. In the process the person may collapse and take the time to recover from the fall, never mind.

Benefits of plastic surgery

Elementarily, when a defect of the body or face haunts or cause a nuisance rather uncomfortable, resort to surgery in a conscious and careful, it’s a very valid option. And of course, have an attitude of regard himself as the best eating quality. Exercise, enjoy the simple things and great, well, enjoy life in each of its moments, trust in something higher Magnanimous and Divine, which is above the best wishes, if you can believe, you can get everything what is needed and more of life than to make happy or at least bring peace to those who love and are close.