Every day, millions of people get up unmotivated to go to work bittersweet life sentence which, ignoring its harmful consequences.

What was once a major cause any depression in people, has become the most alienating of recent times. Given the current economic situation in which having a job is a luxury, malpractice in it is something that is downplayed in a rational manner. We are in a new era where people in posts that do not belong either by wire pulling or necessity, where there is perceived the amount of money according to a normal life plan and where to accept and swallow is the only solution. The mental incoherence generated by being grateful and feel discouraged at the same time, the origin of a society automata.



The main feature of an unmotivated person in his job title is that does the job right, the minimum required for the running of the business, not to attract attention and move as one, without highlighting for better or for worse. However, if we look at their behavior, we will see some pessimism in his thinking, with a general disregard for what happens in the company, avoiding new responsibilities that he could offer and with little effort by the correct integration and good weather with peers. They also tend to demand more frequent leaves of absence from office or can even check out your working hours.

General cause of demotivation

The loss of meaning of work can come for different reasons. One of the most common is usually the late payment of payroll or absence of such payment. Strive and not receiving any personal recognition or economic is a major cause of emotional distress. That the company does not comply with part of the agreement, causing the worker is more willing to not fulfill their respective obligations also agreed. Do not be proud of the values ​​governing the company, nor have security in belonging to it for being hired temporarily and fall into the same tedious routine tasks, are also possible sources of motivation.

Responsibility of the head

The main argument demotivated staff is the lack of recognition of merit in their work by their superiors. Low productivity of employees, resulting in possible financial loss that can put companies could be avoided with proper training in social skills of senior management. Many cases have their origin in the disastrous performance of those responsible for giving orders. There heads that are not accessible and there is an appointment months in advance to be seen and heard.

We must remember that the mere fact of being heard, is one of the best remedies for psychological stability of anyone who needs to transmit an idea, complaint, compliment or emotion. Proposals rejected in advance, initiatives or suggestions disqualified in the presence of others, lack of appreciation or recognition in the extra effort after a heavy workload, poor bidirectional communication in the organization and excessive pressure on middle managers impact on her staff, are aspects that should be healed by the head of the company.


Instead of having a healthy and well prepared team to perform their functions, we can find a group of employees resigned to take orders, they do just hours and do not contribute to product innovation. Lack of energy in an area of ​​life, usually extends easily to other, resulting in massive infection, an apathetic society that does things in a repetitive manner and to like and buy what you say because it lacks initiative and personality. Persons who believe they do not care at all or do not believe anything you hear and the extreme individualism that prevails in which the interest or concern for a fellow has no place. In short, human beings who seek happiness will be based on something they will never find complete and that, having repeatedly ripped the roots of their true motivations, finding slight comfort in material things by which curiously could end up dominated.