This article provides a brief overview of the main homeopathic remedies that should be in every first aid kit.

Quickly, it may have happened: you can not tolerate the foreign food at the resort, enters into a sea urchin or gets off nasty insect bites. And already the holiday fun is tarnished. To treat minor ailments before anything else, homeopathy holds some agents which should be in every first aid kit. The small globules bottles do not take up much space in the luggage. Which means having to go on the trip, everyone can pick and choose as needed. In the pharmacy, but there are also ready to buy sets.

Thus, the homeopathic medicines are dosed

Mainly for the travel kit to come in the middle D-12 power used. One dose equivalent in five adults, in children according to age two to three globules in infants and a globule. For acute symptoms, take first quarter-to a half hour each a gift, until improvement is felt. Then the intervals are always further increased until the symptoms have subsided. If it is still necessary, it may take a few days to continue the treatment twice a day, each with a gift. However, no funds should be used for a long time without expert advice of a doctor or trained homeopathic practitioner. Contrary to widespread opinion, even homeopathic medicines can cause unwanted effects. If after the first two or three doses at any significant improvement, it is the wrong way and should not be treated.


The most important homeopathic remedies for violations

In wounds and blunt injuries, the classic means Arnica is 12 It helps to heal wounds and helps stop bleeding. It is initially taken every ten minutes until the pain subsides considerably. If the wound is very painful, can be used as a first measure until the arrival of the doctor Hypericum D are taken 12th In fright or shock states are also Bach Flower emergency globules have been proven. Especially children, but also animals can be so calm down after the accident well.

The homeopathic first aid kit with too much sun and insect bites

A good way to treat burns and sunburn, Cantharis D is 12 But Belladonna D can help 12th Who was too long in the sun and then feels dizzy and weak, Aconitum D 12 can occupy. If the face is red and hot with a sunstroke, Belladonna D 12 is the drug of choice. After an insect Apis mellifera 12 D helps with the pain. It can also subside the swelling.

Globules with gastrointestinal complaints in the holiday

For motion sickness Cocculus D 12 is an effective drug. If you have an upset stomach with a rich meal or too much alcohol, Nux vomica 12 D can bring relief. Especially in southern countries can rapidly occur through poor hygiene to a gastrointestinal infection. Arsenicum album D12 is against diarrhea and vomiting and weakness associated condition is often very helpful.

Homeopathic remedies for colds

If you feel the first chill of incipient summer flu while traveling, you should immediately take Aconitum D 12 to prevent the onset of disease. The cold begins suddenly with high fever rising, rather Belladonna D 12 is the drug of choice. It can also be used as a first measure in childhood febrile seizures until a doctor is on hand.