Nowadays the care of your health is high on the priorities of the people . Among the major diseases and problems that occur with greater intensity , especially with advancing age, are the problems related to bones and joints . In the guide below we will look at the major diseases of bones and joints.

Today, the care of the person and his health is high on the agenda and the concerns of the person. Among the main issues that arise in the course of life with greater intensity , especially with advancing age, are the diseases related to bones and joints . In the following guide we will see in particular some of the major diseases that affect the bones and joints.


Between the different diseases that can affect the bones and joints are osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint alteration, characterized by lesions of the cartilage and adjacent bone, resulting in a functional limitation of the affected limb. This disease affects negatively on the use of the limb so as cartilage, consummation time ever, brings the bones to make clutch on each other creating friction, causing pain, trauma and remodeling of ligaments. This problem affects the knees, joints of the hand and the neck area / lumbar.

It has to do instead with osteoporosis when there is a decrease bone mass and a change in their quality. This results in possible bone fracture as the bone fragility is very high. This impoverishment of the bones occurs without any symptoms, only specific findings may lead to diagnose the problematic. The risk of incurring this disease increases with increasing age. Osteoporosis is classified into primary and secondary. Primary, post-Paule, is due to the decrease in estrogen; secondary, is linked to several diseases and occurs during endocrine diseases, and chronic rheumatism. Do not forget that it can also be originated of taking certain medications. However, a good prevention and a healthy lifestyle can help recovery and prevent it have certain complications related to inconvenience bone and joint.