When it comes to intercostal neuralgia, refers generally to those ills affecting the region of our rib cage. Diagnose the real cause of this pain could be a little bit complicated, because since there is in this area which refer to different organs, the disease can be precisely vast and all with a different degree of severity . Let us see what are the intercostal pains, what could be the causes that generate and possible remedies .

The causes that can give life to these pains are very numerous you could open the long list quoting some diseases related to the heart such as heart attack, or problems related to the aorta aneurysm just to name one, and the pericardium. But they could also be generated from lung pains such as pneumonia or pulmonary embolism. Continuing we can also mention the gastric problems such as gastric reflux , ulcers, up to the gallstones. One could simply treat muscle aches or pains related to possible fractures. To close this long list could be pain caused by stress, so be experiencing episodes of anxiety. Being a very large area, so they are quite complex to diagnose, most of the times the intensity of pain is related to the severity of the underlying cause.


As soon as these pains are beginning to show, you should take careful note of the symptoms to then refer them to our doctor. First thing to do is to ensure the most accurate where they are located, or find the exact spot where they feel with greater intensity . For greater precision we could write on a sheet all the news that we are able to detect during these painful episodes. For our doctor will be very important to receive information as possible so that we can then make a diagnosis as accurate as possible. It will also be useful to know if the pain is localized or tends to expand, or if you are more acute in certain situations such as when we make particular movements or physical effort , if it occurs at certain times of the day rather than in others, also very useful to quantify the duration of these pains.

The remedies to fight, or at least alleviate the pain when they are in the acute phase, unfortunately, are closely related to our doctor’s diagnosis. As mentioned in the previous step, the best method is to help in the diagnosis, and this is possible only by providing the large number of possible news. Based on the report we would know, your doctor to decide which, in turn submit exams. Only after that will see the results, you can then determine a cure well targeted. To relieve the pain while waiting might be useful to lie down and look for a place where we can feel at ease, it might also be useful to make use of a hot water bottle on the painful area to relieve the pain a little bit. As for the medication, it is advised to strictly follow the dictates of our doctor , never improvise self-taught, you could run the risk of aggravating the situation .