He rightly says that breakfast is the most important meal that should have the human, so you should always eat breakfast properly.

Breakfast, as the word says it is the first meal of the day, to remove the fast and start with energy and spirit activities. Normally this food is consumed after 6:00 AM and may vary until 9:00 PM, depending on the day and the activities of the person. Since long ago it has been said that a good breakfast contributes to good health, which is the most crucial meal of the day and you never have to skip it, because the consequences could be very bad future. Depending on the country and customs are simple and delicious breakfast, but the standard is the one where you consume bread, eggs, jam, coffee or chocolate, juice and fruit, but there are variations of this, as there are those who will add their touch staff and those who differ completely from that standard breakfast.

The importance of breakfast

When it comes to the first meal of the day, it actually goes far beyond a simple meal as a good breakfast brings benefits described below.

* Excellent nutrition. Persons who start the day with a proper breakfast are better nourished than those who do not, get the vitamins, nutrients and energy needed to perform daily activities.
* Better digestion. The agency will work better, to have a point of ordering the deposition digestion after meals.
* Maintains a better mental state. been shown that those who eat breakfast perform better on intellectual tasks. It is important that children eat breakfast so they can have a good academic performance.


* Avoid the languor and reduces hunger in the day. When not eat breakfast, your body has not completed the required amount of food to keep you satisfied, so that the person will have more hunger than usual during the afternoon or evening.
* Weight control. snacking is avoided and there will be better control in digestion.
* Diseases are avoided. gastritis, ulcers and even diabetes are diseases that their risk of suffering can be reduced, if breakfast daily.

The ideal breakfast

For a proper breakfast is considered, you must meet certain nutritional parameters and energy. A good supply of carbohydrates , found in bread, on toast, cereal or bananas. Dairy products must also be such as milk, cheese and butter for the bread. Liquids such as fruit juice or tea to stimulate digestion and prevent the body from absorbing unnecessary fats. Fruits such as apples, bananas, papaya or other fruit (preferably compact) Aggregates such as sausages (occasionally), biscuits, jam, eggs, among others. Some even include rice at breakfast, which also helps you stay during the day.

Breakfast time

The best time is when it dawned and, up until eight in the morning and do not forget that between each meal should have a rest period of 6-7 hours for the Agency had not overloading digestion and food.

Consequences of breakfast

The not eating breakfast can lead to problems, since it is simpler than hunger, to the most serious diseases are. You can contribute to bad mood and have lousy mood when a person has not had breakfast, besides being more likely to have stress. You can develop gastritis and is constantly upset stomach and heartburn, gas, among others. Constipation is also one of the most common things when you do not opt ​​for the first meal of the day. There may be a partial loss of energy and also disturbances in memory. If you have not eaten breakfast and they eat at a different time of day, hunger causes the body reserve unnecessary calories (fat) and this tends to weight gain. With all the above, there are no excuses for food and a good breakfast.