The back pain is a nuisance that can afflict any age group. It is not just the age to procure, but also a kind of sedentary life typical of other employees or those who have a desk job , and yet the young, studying, and, in the new digital age more than ever, spend their free time sitting watching TV, surfing the Internet , playing video games and so on. The gym can be an effective response against back pain, but in severe cases than not enough. The first piece of advice is to consult a specialist, and if the response will be rather light, that your back pain will simply correctable with corrective exercises, you can do exercises at home such as those that will be listed below in this guide the gymnastics against back pain. Finally, before you begin, it is important to keep in mind though that be followed by a personal trainer might be easier and more functional for your purposes, even if not everyone can, for economic reasons and / or timing .


The first thing, simple as it is effective, it is long walks. As you walk moderately, try to concentrate on keeping the back as straight as possible . If you have problems with back pain this will surely Preacher of annoyance, but be aware that it is very important in the long run will help you, allowing you to take a habit that will avoid future pains (remember to keep your back as straight as possible even when you are sitting at work, study, or relax).

Other functional exercises are the ones who develop abdominal without overloading the back too. Indeed, if we take into exercise a little ‘more abs, n other words they will serve as another support, “lightening” the work of your back. Some examples: put yourself in the position “on all fours”, face to the ground. Stretch your belly , as when, for example, trying to hide a few pounds more. Hold this position for a few seconds, then release and repeat a dozen times. In the same position, as you’ll see that it is useful not to strain your back too, a variation of this exercise is to roll out a leg at a time , with your foot on the hammer, and hold this position for ten seconds , alternating legs.

Other exercises, taking care to put something soft under your back, you can perform in the supine position. For example: spread out, relax, bring one leg at a time to the belly, holding hands with his knee. Hold this position, breathing deeply, for ten seconds, then go back to stretch a leg and repeat with the other. Alternating, do this exercise about twenty times. Another exercise is to bring both knees to the belly, holding the position for ten seconds. Repeat this position “egg” fifteen times. Always supine, another exercise is closer to a wall, to the point to be able to support both legs flexed to the wall. At this point, roll it out slowly, hold the position for ten seconds, and go back to braids.