A theme that always fascinated + exist interested in the female breast, which is assessed with large, small, or just satisfied.

Once the girls during puberty the stunning, shocking and for some, step from child to woman takes, either the body hair under the arms and in the pubic area and the chest in their various shapes and sizes is an important issue. Each grow both breast and from the hair is followed like a hawk, so longed for, and sometimes downright cursed since both are so convinced of it that out of the girl becomes a woman.

One of Freud is another man’s poison

The waiting for a young girl who hopes and prays to or at least for every inch or millimeter increase, because it is a beautiful big round breasts really feel attractive and sexy. It looks its chest when it formally brought before the mirror and feels just as “correct much Booby-Trap” at ease. You need a sense of sight. While she was so happy, at least one ever suffers the torments of hell, her father. For him, she is his little girl and the renewed mental balancing act between the little girl of perhaps half a year before the busty and beautiful young woman in front of the mirror bothers him badly. Above all, he must not think that his little girl could soon have a friend who might run him the rank as the only man in her life.


Large breast = Pleasure and Pain

Now, there is a difference between big and great chest. For a woman it is OK and just what makes them happy and satisfied, for the other it is just a burden. This woman suffers from her large breasts because they so maybe too much notice, they do not like this unusual now time or because it is too hard for them easy. She has back pain. Due to the severity of each breast, she just pulls down the front In addition, the normal bra straps cut enormous one on the shoulder, leading to additional stresses. Also have bras for large breasts while available, but the large and therefore more gentle support is of course from every nuance. They look funny tops do not look funny. These so frustrate by her breasts girls / women would sooner rather than reduce their cup size to normal, painless, and can live to unchangeable.

All a matter of taste

Thank God everything is somehow a matter of taste. While some are at large, others find the small breasts and super sexy very pretty. The other young girls hopes and prays that the breast is small because it simply refuses a bigger bust, and even finds repulsive. Yet other women it does not matter whether her breasts are large or small, the important thing is that he is healthy. But then there are the women who are unhappy about what was given to them by nature. You do something about it, so they again mentally and physically better. Many of these women seek their salvation then with a plastic surgeon who them making for a new breast with or without the support of the insurance company. That is quite a good thing. The important thing is that a good expert advice beforehand is where the serious doctor says maybe even no.