Recognized by WHO, fibromyalgia has become to be known and unknown, to be a chronic, disabling in severe cases.

The Fibromyalgia is a disabling disease in its most severe degree, and given that it is a chronic condition, it is best to know how coexist with it and how it affects the daily lives of sufferers. Affected and friends cope with this disease should know the best of their abilities. Understanding and adapting to the daily chores of “all” who are facing this challenge is essential, the role of each family member will vary, and accept this is an essential step to cope as best the new guest.


A change in family status, the benefit of all

It’s about sharing the tasks family among all members doing, by the entire family, an effort taken by self-sufficient, if in other circumstances it is good to engage everyone in their duties, in cases of collusion, such as living with a chronic illness , is of utmost importance to know to take as their own emerging needs of everyday life in a home. The person with Fibromyalgia must also know how to delegate tasks that will involve more difficult, and although this is a difficult task, it will be of crucial importance, how to get to accomplish this purpose is very important for a substantial improvement in the health of the sick person.

A chronic disease, quality of life

According to WHO (World Health Organization) is a chronic disease with effects on the professional performance to the extent that it can become disabling. Many of the people affected by FM know, after gaits has had to make to the diagnosis, however, FM is a curable disease but not for the moment, if you can cope with some quality of life Provided guidelines are followed more or less established, to the point it appears that they are not sick. The importance of not overloaded with the problems that can not be resolved, is only one rule to keep in mind to better carry this companion is fibromyalgia, another golden rule is to know how to delegate, but with this, the fact that the Family and friends are accomplices to this disease, is a basis on which to rely at all times.

The most important are the support and understanding

In fact, in all chronic disease, achieving understanding of society Is a fundamental, fibromyalgia is no different from other diseases in that matter, so without the need to go spreading that have FM, it is nevertheless important part of any association, Which already take care to disclose everything about the disease and those affected, supporting them at all times.