Given the increase in drug use, the respective programs have to be oriented primarily to children and youth.

To build effective results rather than passive, programs use prevention drug should be directed primarily to children and youth, because these benefits measure represents the living population and public health. The cost of prevention is minimal when compared with the treatments.

Measures against consumption

You must set the primary purpose of inhibiting the growth of consumption, after the first experiment about 12 years old, you must stop the habitual use of drugs. Should not be stopped first contact and repeated use, should be delayed to the maximum. If it is possible that consumption away from the 15 years the benefit is that the pathology decrease, otherwise the negative effects are doubled. Information policies, are the most important element in public health. The investment made in programs and measures that promote prevention, generates a tremendous savings compared to treatment costs.

drug- prevention

The fight against drug will succeed if prevention campaigns to better target young people and children also need to encourage parents to make a better monitoring of their children and exercise their authority. If it has the participation of specialists in the field, efforts will be made ​​on the right track.

Diagnosis and treatment

With a complicated scenario in which young people are directly affected must set objectives progressive departing from the base and you should not abandon abstinence as a goal, but neither should be the only goal. Based on various epidemiological analyzes international match made in Mexico, about 76 percent of men and 65 women who met criteria for a diagnosis of abuse or dependence disorder, had at least one additional condition, and phobic disorders, major depression, abuse and alcoholism. Also shown that about 50 percent of patients who come to treatment for a psychiatric disorder have an addiction, so the problem is complicated by having to implement a treatment to consider two types of pathology.

The active participation of the State

In order to address a complex problem such as addiction, it is necessary to explain its origin: it is a brain disease that begins with eating and advances to be compelling, if not concerned, can last a lifetime. The people and the effects of addiction are different, yet only a fraction of people receive the treatment required, which must respect the particular characteristics of each patient. In determining the responsibility of the government entity responsible for the health of the population, it is necessary to establish a new policy on public health , to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of addiction must be based on two fundamental issues: the need for include a youth perspective to the expansion of freedom and increased responsibility at the individual and collective.

Minimum investment in health

Because the gains depend on the distribution and consumption of drugs are of such magnitude, the State is obliged to spend large amounts of money in their battle to stop investment from the base consumption, makes the provision of resources to benefit health is minimal. The liability of a healthy young society, corresponds to the capacity of government agencies responsible for implementing measures and programs to disseminate the value of prevention . The commitment should also be made with the active participation of parents, increasing the level of care their children and identify where some kind of addiction, address the responsibility of channeling from the start, to avoid complications and damage to your accompanying health throughout their lives.