There are many different types of diets to have a healthy body and well-functioning, but among the diets that are having more success, is undoubtedly the diet to strengthen the immune system. This diet is rich in vitamins, protein and calcium and allows the body to not only reach your ideal weight but also to have a strong immune system “and then allow people to get sick of the evils stagnation as little as possible. ”

The key word in this diet is balance. In fact, with a balanced diet and a healthy dose of physical activity the body will have more energy and strength, allowing everyone to live better and without lethargy. It is therefore very important to drastically reduce the saturated fat within their power. The replacement of these foods is really quite simple, however, must give up butter and margarine and replace these high-fat foods with other much healthier such as shellfish, flaxseed or soy, walnuts Indian “but they are not always easy to find “and many others.


Increase your consumption of dairy products. For this second step you can even think of making a large breakfast buffet and hearty “obtaining a large supply of energy useful for the day.” They can be hired through the cheeses, yogurt, milk. Thanks to these foods will substantially increase the body’s defenses. It will also be important to increase the use of foods that contain a lot of vitamin C. Many people believe they can take a lot of vitamin C only with oranges but they are actually a lot of foods that contain it, and they are, for example, kiwi, cabbage, tomatoes, berries and many other healthy foods and tasty.

It will also be important to increase the contributions of all other vitamins “such as vitamin A, E and B”. Vitamins are always good and is recommended to take the same through the tasting of healthy foods and seasonal rather than through synthetic vitamins or food supplements . Moreover, even an increased intake of iron can help our body to improve their defenses. It will therefore be important to eat red meat, rather than spinach, eggs, beet greens and legumes. Obviously, the iron will also allow to avoid anemia. In this balanced diet, as previously mentioned, you should also add physical activity “even just half an hour of walking per day will be sufficient to substantially improve their health”.