Impossible for you to spend a day without coffee? Do still pay attention to your health! infarction, hot flashes, cholesterol, tension, rheumatism. List of the dangers of this drink so popular!

Unfiltered coffee: beware of cholesterol!

A study published in the British Medical Journal has shown that high consumption of unfiltered coffee could increase cholesterol. Concerned, its wealth two lipids involved in the increased fat in the body. When we speak of unfiltered coffee, it is the preparation for old coffee, or when pouring hot water directly on the ground beans. When using a coffee filter or pods, there is no risk. Coffee for manual pressure, it is just recommended to have a moderate coffee consumption (3 cups per day).

Coffee aggravates hot flashes

Hot flashes are THE most uncomfortable symptom of menopause. If you drink coffee, it’s even worse! Coffee is a hot drink that therefore amplify the sensation of heat felt. It also contains caffeine which has a vasodilator, causing blood flow in the vessels and giving the feeling of a flush on the face, says Dr. Cocaul. Practically: If you are prone to hot flushes, it is best to reduce your intake of coffee to see the full stop.


Coffee bad for the heart!

According to a Canadian study published in March 2006 drink at least 4 cups of coffee a day could multiply by 1.4 the risk of having a heart attack. But that’s not all! The researchers went further and found that the risk depended on individuals. Explanation: The coffee is processed in the body due to an enzyme (cytochrome P450 1A2) that exists in two forms depending on the individual genetic. One enabling rapid metabolism of coffee, the other a slow metabolism. According to the study, people who have slowly eliminated coffee 1.36 times higher risk of having a heart attack when they drink two or three cups per day, 1.64 times when they drink it 4. For those who quickly eliminate the cardiac risk is not increased. Practically: There is no specific recommendations of the French Society of Cardiology. However, if you have suffered a cardiovascular event, it is better to reduce your coffee consumption to 3 cups per day.

Coffee: attention during pregnancy!

Coffee and pregnancy do not mix! Some studies show that drinking coffee reduces the chances of getting pregnant promote spontaneous abortions, low weight at birth, or even a risk of delivering a stillborn child. In Practice: It is generally allowed drinking 1-2 cups of coffee per day, without endangering the life of your baby.

Coffee can raise blood!

Because it contains caffeine, coffee can raise blood pressure. However, as explained by Dr. Bruno, cardiologist, the effects are especially when you drink a lot (5 cups or more per day). In Practice: It is recommended not to exceed 3 cups of coffee per day. As for hypertensive people, know that no study proves that coffee causes hypertension. Stay in the limit given and all will be well!