The concept of symbiosis in psychology can assume a double value , both negative and positive, depending on the scope of application considered. Symbiosis is a very deep feeling felt by animals is that man, and if one part is essential to the early stages of life , is disabling if prolonged over the years and established personal relationships. Let’s investigate.


Early studies on symbiosis were led by researcher Harlow, who became interested in the styles of attachment in chimpanzees. She found that the more a mother monkey was attached to the more resistant would be his immune system over the years. From these experiments, Dr. Harlow realized that the symbiosis that develops between mother and little in the early stages of life is essential not only for the survival of the small himself, but also for his future health .

For ethical reasons it is not possible to perform experiments on humans . Delivering deductions taken during the experiments with chimpanzees, and performing the so-called descriptive studies on infants, it was possible to understand that even in puppies man symbiosis with the mother is crucial for the physical survival of the child . However in the case of humans, the symbiosis serves not only to meet the physical demands of the base but has a more important function which is that of providing to the infant a secure base. He will feel that, even in later life, confident from its mother . It is absolutely normal for a child does not want to ever break away from the mother. Between the two creates a bond physical, emotional, psychological and hormonal. It is this relationship early in life that will allow the child to face the world with confidence. When the symbiosis becomes pathological?

As the years go by the child you have to break away from the mother. This is critical because he acquires the concept of autonomous self. No longer it depends on the mother for their basic needs and should not depend on Mom even more for the satisfaction of emotional needs. If as the years go by the child continues to live in symbiosis with the mother obviously there is a problem in the detachment. The child is able to feel integrated and autonomous entity without the presence of her mother. This style of pathological attachment can be transferred within relationships. The speech of course is also true for girls and then for women (which in fact statistically suffer more than men from this feeling of separation anxiety and abandonment that lead to symbiosis with the partner). Live in symbiosis with another human being is not healthy, under any point of view. When it is no longer necessary for survival it is a prison for themselves and for those who are victims of this feeling. The mechanism that underlies it is to feel that without a specific person is not complete, it was not anything. It is afraid when this person is not there (even as it moves away from the room); We are afraid that this person can leave, you are not able to take independent decisions and you suffer for any reason whatsoever.