A gesture of closeness with others, a touch, acting as a social lubricant and intimate encounter strengthens the relationship.

It is a gesture that many people have incorporated into their daily lives, and those who do not know how to handle it or not receiving power becomes distress or depression. It’s simple, monger nearby, synonymous with love for others and very rewarding, but above all essential to express affection. The caress, in its many manifestations, it may even be interpreted as a social lubricant.

Although the demonstration of affection towards others is expressed differently according to the culture to which they belong, all human beings, without exception, need their coat to grow with emotional fulfillment. However, also the way it has been the swing states of the customs, implying perhaps that the better the externalization of feelings, greater levels of happiness.


The caress empathy predisposes

Not so long ago in Spain began to become common gesture of greeting friends and even just a brief masajito known in the arm or a pat on the back, at the same time narrowed his hand or gave him the obligatory kiss complimentary. Undoubtedly, the way to get to the other input is announcing a form of acceptance that few refuse, predisposing to empathy.

Because the touch, beyond what is traditionally understood as a pleasurable sensation in the body plan is also a loving gesture with a scope universal. That’s why people who grew up with affection in their family environment are often the most loving, and do not skimp openly show this quality in any situation where they are.

The caress, a social lubricant

Stroking his eyes, the smile, with a gesture of congratulations for a service received, recognize a virtue, a job done, thank someone you hold the elevator door, smiling at the dealer . Any activity of daily living is likely to become in a gratifying fact if we can incorporate into our habits a warm gesture to others, just working as a social lubricant. Undoubtedly this has little to do with what the gesture study the universities of Gothenburg and North Carolina identified as a perfect touch, massaging is performed between four and five centimeters per second.

The mechanisms of pleasure

The aim of the study, published in the journal Nature Neuroscience, Was nothing but pleasure to discover the mechanisms in humans, and explains one of its leaders, Professor Francis McGlone on page BBC website, Just at that speed massage activates C-fibertactile that prevents the brain receives conflicting messages with similar gestures.

But because the boundaries of pleasure that generates the touch passes the most diverse areas, and which can manifest with different faces, we can enjoy its benefits many times (both giving it and receiving it), covering the need to be recognized and as we all are directly related, as the Philosopher Epicurus- With the art of happy life.

Caress and eroticism

And not always the people around us know our physical limits to interact in the communication, it does not hurt, if that is our desire, to express the need for affection without embarrassment and grateful to other similar gesture. Often the lack of externalization of that loving gesture can even trigger budding relationship misunderstandings of lovers, both by ignorance of what the other wants, and know not to ask.

In intimate relationships many men ignore the purely erotic touch and focused on the orgasm is preceded by that other touch which has more to do with the emotions, giving as security and can excite the most. Know express these emotions, not only denotes a good psychological health but also strengthens the relationship.

Caress or disinhibition

Even if we consider the study by the University of Indiana, from the 40 are men who begin to need more demonstrations of affection in sexual relationships than women, who learns to maturity inhibitions and in many cases prefer to separate sex from affection.

Keep secret the need for affection, translated in touch, makes disservice to the sexual encounter and the pursuit of pleasure, because behind every relationship there is always an essential psychological component, responsible for assembling the physical aspect with the emotional. So, sometimes, who is stealing that information becomes primarily responsible for the sexual mismatch.