Maybe you’ve never considered, but you know that with a simple shake can take all the vitamins and positive substances which our body needs? Simply combine the usual ingredients for something special. What, after all, is not that special. In fact, it is something quite obvious, it’s just that we do not always think why it may seem strange, but in America the trend of so-called “Green Smoothies” is already depopulated. Yes, “green”, because the notorious secret ingredients are green leafy vegetables! Combined with fruit, traditional ingredient smoothies, do not alter too much of the flavor , which is still tasty, pleasant. It is an unparalleled aid for our health, and good snacks, to be taken in place of breakfast or a mid-morning and / or mid-afternoon, or, finally, if we are hungry after dinner. As you can imagine, they are a great help for those who want to get in shape and lose some ‘weight, as a substitute for snacks far more calories and less healthy, without giving up, however, the taste! Definitely, these are the best smoothies for our health! Here are simple tips!


First of all, the rules for these smoothies, “green”, there are few, simple, and always the same. Use green leafy vegetables (spinach are the best, because the richest of positive substances for our body), use milk almond milk, rice milk or soy milk (if you want, you can also use water or cow’s milk, but if you avoid the latter, a little fat, your smoothie will be even more healthy!) preferably, when you choose the fruit for our smoothie, always put a banana, half a banana or if the other ingredients are many, because covers much the flavor of the vegetables (practically, the vegetables will be there, and will do fine for your health, but in your delicious smoothie will not hear it either!). Finally, the last rule is conservation: in a tightly closed jar (such as voids of jams in the supermarket, for example common!) Your smoothie can last in the refrigerator up to 48 hours, and still maintain its beneficial properties, and its taste.

I give you now a basic recipe which you can then customize to your liking, changing the fruit with your favorite, or following, season by season, the fruit that you find better, and varying your smoothies to stay healthy without ever bore you! For a “green smoothie” classic take two bananas, an apple, fresh spinach leaves (about 100g), 400ml of milk (rice, soy … Choose you). Blend everything together until it is smooth and creamy consistency. Pour into a glass, there recommend one transparent because it really makes a nice effect. Enjoy and make a toast to your (it’s appropriate to say) health!

One last tip: sometimes the leaves of vegetables can be chopped, and not smoothies well. You should be able to solve this problem (which occurs if you do not have a blender or a juicer very powerful, or a little old) I recommend blending the very first green leafy vegetables with milk or water. Once smoothie for good (one minute should be more than enough), add the other ingredients, and mix everything again!.