Nature would not think we are too thick. So it holds a lot of plant materials ready to accelerate your weight loss.

The nature helps us when it comes to successful weight loss. You just have to use plant materials. How that works best, says diet expert Susanne Plug .

Better detoxify and purify with ginger

If we eat more than your body needs for energy, we eat. But not only that, the whole body suffers. Too much animal protein (especially meat and sausages), for example, leads to deposits in the intestines. These slags then prevent the body can absorb essential nutrients through the intestinal walls. To prevent deficiency, the organism reacts and calls for continuous replenishment. We eat again more than we actually need. This eternal cycle must be stopped:

Ginger detoxifies and purifies, because in the Asian root insert the pungent compounds Ginger and Shoal. Both stimulate the work of the liver. The detoxification organ in the body, which is responsible for protein processing. Ginger also supports colon cleansing.

Application: About the day, drink a liter of warm ginger water. This one about six inches long piece of fresh ginger root, peeled and plane into thin slices. Place in a pot and pour in a quart of boiling water. Let steep 15 minutes, strain and decant into a thermos.


Burn More Fat with Exotic Fruits

If the digestive organs are working flat out, dietary fat is converted into energy faster. That is, if the liver, gallbladder and kidneys are functioning well, less energy is converted into body fat. Exotic fruits such as mango, papaya and pineapple contain many enzymes (bromelain, Pineapple), similar to our digestive enzymes and thereby help to break down proteins in the body. These tiny building blocks of proteins will also ensure that fat is released from the body cells.

Application: In order to boost weight loss, best load once a week a pure exotic-fruit day. This relieves and creates at least a pound. We must spread throughout the day so much pineapple and papaya eat, how you want. In addition, a mango is allowed and three to four liters of herbal tea or sparkling water are required.

Eat less with apples

The hunger center in the brain is alerted when the blood sugar level falls. Happens rapidly, creates cravings, we require calorie, quick energy suppliers such as chocolate or cake. To prevent this from happening, we need to eat regularly and make sure that there are high-fiber foods, which keep the sugar levels long constant. Apples work small miracles, because their shell is made of 30 percent pectin. This is a fiber and fiber that swells in the stomach and intestines, thus causing a longer feeling of satiety.

Application: Per day eat four apples. Be sure to first chew a large or two small apples thoroughly especially at first pangs of hunger. In the next meal then you automatically eat less, saving plenty of calories and fat.