Young people want to start our working lives in a big company when seeking a job as recent graduates. However, in reality, it’s not as easy or as fruitful as it would seem.

As young people, we have the idea that just in these places where we can find many more growth opportunities. These companies offer a no competitive salary, long working hours, dress codes and no growth opportunity for exercising the same job for years.


For a recent graduate, there are always alternatives to start a career. Companies are not everything. Civil associations are a great organization to acquire skills that, in the future, will help us grow in the labor field.

Working in a civil society organization has many advantages, such as the exposure it offers, freedom and the ability to work in teams. Being in a AC know many people, either by coverage of events, workshops or other activities that we attended. In them, we force ourselves to talk and let us know with people from various sectors. That helps us a lot to start making contacts that benefit our organization and ourselves.

Moreover, the freedom of opinion within a team helps us to develop ourselves with any kind of people and lose their fear of sharing ideas, challenging, and even respectfully discuss and dynamic.

On teamwork in an AC, as in all areas of work, it is important to have support, leadership and respect. The advantage of doing it in a CA is that, having few colleagues, dealing with the same people increases and becomes much more important tolerance and the level of discussion within an office or work area. The work for the common good always unites us as a team to all employees of an AC. If you would like to know brief information a/c repair Phoenix you could choose here.

Another advantage is to learn to organize time. Having two or more projects to coordinate, we must organize and prioritize tasks to achieve our end them with a good time to undertake other. Time management is a skill that will be an excellent value for future work and life in general.