Rose hip is a shrub that can reach 2 m high. It comes from the family Rosaceous and is known for its oil properties. Benefits of rose hip multiple properties for use in cosmetics and conventional medicine. The oil is extracted from the seeds of this shrub and its composition with different essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins make it a very valuable source of rejuvenation.

benefits of rosehip

Benefits rosehip oil

This oil can be the remedy to address benefits of rose hip and even use it for skin care, for its regenerative effects. Among its many benefits we are:

  1. Strengthens the circulatory system

Vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids that make up the rosehip oil help strengthen the circulatory system, in addition to preventing diabetes as it regulates sugar levels in the blood and keep cholesterol control.

  1. Rehydrates dry skin

Rosehip oil is a great hydrator so it is responsible for improving the moisture levels of the skin and creates an impermeable barrier to avoid wasting water. It is recommended to use especially after 45 years as from this age the skin begins to produce less collagen and elasticity is reduced.

  1. Responsible for delaying the signs of aging

Another function is to moisturize skin pigmentation and improve its texture. This oil helps collagen production, which will make the name of wrinkles are reduced. Furthermore, due to its components, it protects other damage as the sun, reducing stretch marks and possible skin blemishes.

  1. It is an ally against arthritis pain

This oil can ease the pain of those suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis, thus reducing the need for other medications.

  1. Regenerate the skin after burns

Use rose hip after suffering a burn or cut, can contribute to improved wound healing. It must be said that vitamin A plays an important role in this function. In addition, essential fatty acids regenerate the skin highly improving their flexibility and repair.

Uses of Rosehip

The fact of using rosehip oil causes many benefits of rosehip and even used as prevention thanks to its regenerative properties. Use as a natural remedy rose rosehip is applied in the form of extracted oil, as discussed above, the seeds of bush itself. But more easily, you can also find in the form of gel or cream in an online drugstore.

Medical use: the rosehip oil is known for its regenerative effects determinants that help prevent disease. Some of the uses of this oil in medicine are arthritis, ulcers, diabetes, back pain, inflammation, gout, urinary tract infections, gallstones, etc. It must be said that also strengthens the immune system and reducing inflammation stimulates circulation and helping to prevent possible heart-related illnesses. In addition, tea rosehip petals are highly recommended to cleanse the body, helping to cleanse the kidneys and bladder.