Recent studies have found that eliminating meat from a diet brings significant benefits , because it is a food that causes illness and live less; in fact, the excess causes several cardiovascular disease, some forms of diabetes and especially renal failure due to the excessive protein . In this regard, here is a list of the benefits of a diet low in meat .

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A diet low in meat among the main benefits , as evidenced by several scientific experiments, tends to prolong life, because it is liable to heart attacks, especially when it comes to pieces with a lot of fat, which raise the bad cholesterol that clogs the arteries and thus cause this deadly form of heart disease.

The excessive consumption of red meat, especially if you consume daily, increases the risk of getting various other diseases related cardiovascular apparatus with a threshold of about 40%, as well as can cause diabetes in 20% of cases and especially bowel cancer in 22%.

The immune system of a human being every time he eats meat, is forced to do overtime because of many poisons that contains, such as uric acid, adrenaline animal, cadaver tetrameter. If, in fact, are made of the blood soon after, we note with surprise that white blood cells, increased by almost twice as much as those who ate vegetables instead of meat, and it is therefore implied that the benefits of a diet low in meat, are not to be underestimated.

The foods animal species the meat encumbers the human body and not from the physical point of view, but also as an energy supply; In fact, they speed up the digestive process, thereby consuming more energy body, compared to foods of vegetable. Excess protein contained in meat, can also cause those predisposed to renal failure, increased nitrogen, until it reaches a threshold likely to produce hilarious effects to mind, with a temporary loss of consciousness as well as a risk of ending up on dialysis because of kidney, that flaw dangerously, because dry.