The vitamin B17 found in apricot seeds, red grapes, apples and peaches cure cancer by cyanide and the interaction of enzymes.

The theory that the seeds of vulgar is able to cure cancer, Is classified into conspiracy theories, because their main purpose is the alleged existence of a mafia that prevents knowledge, defending, come en masse to humanity. Either way, it is worthwhile to present the elements that underlie the theory and discuss possible contradictions.


Vitamin theory of cancer

The initial rationale is that cancer is actually the product of a vitamin deficiency, and that, contrary to what the literature says, can be avoided or even eliminated if they consume adequate amounts of foods high in vitamin B17, available nitrile-rich foods such as seeds of apricots, peaches, apples and red grapes.The argument of the proponents of vitamin theory of cancer is that, rarely wild animals have cancer, such as bears or monkeys, but if they are captured and fed by humans, are at higher risk of cancer the other members of their species in the wild. Furthermore, it is mentioned that isolated indigenous Western way of life, rarely have cancer, such as Eskimos and other tribes, but if any of these people out of their natural lifestyle, and into how Western life and follow the typical diet, your chance of getting cancer is even higher than a normal citizen.

Vitamin B17 cancer cure

According to the theory, Vitamin B17 (also known as amygdalin) is a substance composed of two sugar units, one of benzaldehyde and a cyanide. Each of the compounds are closely linked, so presumably are inert in the human body. Proponents of the Vitamin B17 Such as cancer treatment, say the benign cells have a protective enzyme that becomes inert and beneficial to the amygdala, while cancer cells have another type of enzymes that break down the compounds of vitamin B17, and free cyanide and benzaldehyde, cancer cells are killed due to the toxicity of these two compounds.

Thus, vitamin B17 exterminate, only to malignant cells, while nourishing the benign cells. On the other hand, the author of the video A World Without Cancer and ridicules beyond medical science to say that a cancer treatment in the terminal, has the same effect as a shaman medicine in the jungle, to achieve a recovery rate of a patient in a thousand.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Following closely the arguments presented by the vitamin theory of cancer, chemotherapy and radiotherapy would treatments only worsen the patient’s condition, as it destroys the first line of defense of the body (white blood cells) to be highly toxic not only to cancer but even more to the benign cells, worsening the patient’s clinical status.

Furthermore, radiation therapy, which is to irradiate X-rays on the damaged body, in order to burn (literally) the cancer cells is not entirely effective, since, unfortunately, the more malignant the tumor, more resistant to radiation therapy, and therefore more benign cells are destroyed and also the X-ray exposure actually increases the chance that the cancer spreading to other parts of the body.

Is vitamin B17 really cure cancer?

Vitamin B17 is known as amygdalin by conventional medicine, and in fact is presented as a toxic and dangerous to human health. However, it can present itself beyond reasonable doubt is the testimony of a cancer patient in Mexico, in an interview with the author of this text, said to have eaten 30 apricot seeds per day for more than 5 months without showing any side effects and improving their health after the onset of consumption.

Is the cancer conspiracy?

Without evidence, it is irresponsible to say that there is a disqualifying medical mafia naturist treatment to cure a deadly disease with the sole purpose of maintaining a thriving business, but in defense of the vitamin theory of cancer only thing I can say is that apricot seeds are not even half as dangerous to life as are the drugs given in chemotherapy or X-rays used in radiotherapy.

The proof is that many patients die from the adverse effects of treatment and not the disease, so it is not surprising that a patient with a serious disease like cancer, listen carefully to a theory which states that cancer can be prevent and cure eating B17 Vitamin present in the seeds of apricots, apples, grapes and peaches, as paraphrased what he said in ancient Greece, Hippocrates, the father of medicine “that your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food”Argument must be reviewed not by scientists, not by doctors but by the patient himself.