The hair, in each subject, represent an important and indispensable part because they provide the facial features , and often hide imperfections that it may have. Their beauty depends, of course, from the peribulbar area which is subject to internal influences and external imbalances that affect giving to everything that makes up the soil and fruits that originate from the same. This guide will explain these manifestations of the dermis and thus the changes in the scalp.

Every single problem that they experience the end pilifere, which grow on the skin of the human skull, is nothing more than the effect of multiple contributing factors . Their gender, and any disease that can afflict them often depend on various dysfunctions that can lead to different states, such as hardening of the scalp .

In this case, the muscles of the head is very thin, with a little vascularized tissue. These are the causes of alopecia of the vertex. And ‘the immobility of the muscles that creates the accumulation of metabolic waste , the stasis that stops oxygenation, showing an unpleasant situation, a fabric that intoxicated, so, it hardens, becoming soil poorly done for good growth that these fruits, weakened, will, little by little, to fall.


The hair buckets are nothing more than the result of a fabric surface coating circumscribed, with insufficient sebum E ‘concerned that the sebaceous gland fails to produce a satisfactory is that the Cloak epicutaneous shows unable to adopt suitable conditions for optimal skin functionality.

The reverse case is given by elements fat and looking shiny and greasy that develop where this hyperfunction of the secretory organs, always considering the surface of the head that you are dealing with. Unfortunately in this case it comes to other problems due to the stagnation that causes inflammation and bacterial developments which, in turn, lead to the weakening and the fall, as in previous cases.

Dandruff is derived from excessive growth of cells of the basal layer of the scalp and the delay of posting the superficial ones that they all fall together, piled up. The whole thing could be for alterations sebaceous, to increase the microbial flora, or bacteria generating lipolytic enzymes and harmful substances, they create a certain reactivity in the same plane said.

The fall can be caused by dry skin , for poor tissue perfusion that originate an enormous decrease in the diameter of the bulb which, becoming too small, it is insufficient for the development of elements which, thus, fall, or worse, will not grow.

Androgenetic alopecia is a common problem for hormonal problems. In fact, it is precisely the androgen hormones involved in the growth of all the hairs of the human organism, since puberty, as these that you are dealing with.

If the chemical messengers of the above do not work perfectly, here, automatically, as a consequence, act in a negative way on the bulbar matrix that would be the life of the bulb. They have, in fact, usually, speed up the life span of the hair that needs to come off spontaneously, without getting sick, become thin, to give birth to others in his place getting stronger.