Is a product of, in alphabetical order information about the main food

A healthy diet is in our hectic world and under increasing pressure from higher standards and more important. The body has to work and he can only with a healthy, varied diet with lots of vitamins and minerals. More and more people rely on supplements back in the hope that compensate for the lack of vitamins and nutrients. In the long run, of course, brings nothing and no one comes to a varied diet around drum.

Therefore, the most important basic food are referred to hereinafter, without which the body over time is weak and can not take care of themselves optimally. Of course, in addition to food intake drinking is essential. At least two liters of fluid per day are the minimum, spread throughout the day. Besides, much unsweetened tea, juices or soft water should be drunk also like flavored water. Coffee may of course be drunk sometimes, but not more than two cups per day, because the coffee from a certain amount deprives the body of water.


And of course, exercise is important, if only the daily half-hour walk or take the stairs instead of the elevator.

A apple a day should be eaten, because it protects against heart attack

B Banana It contains much calcium, important for the teeth and bones

C clementines strengths due to their high vitamin C content, the defenses of the body

D stewing Very low fat way of cooking and it gets as far as possible the Vitamins

E protein is important for building muscle and the transmission of nerve impulses contained in eggs, dairy products and fish

F eat meat only in small amounts and buy as possible from organic farms, as you know where it came from Without Peel Eaten G cucumber she cleans the blood

H hunger Always pay attention to the feeling of hunger. Although still somewhat on the Plate is, rather leave and take less next time. All that the Man takes to himself when he is sick, makes you fat

I ginger tea as it helps against nausea, drop it acts as a digestive aid

J yo-yo effect occurs always after a hunger pangs shortly after or during

Diet on. It is thick again and is frustrated quickly, then it starts a new Diet to. Stresses the body in the long run. Rather healthy diet, exercise and listen to your own body.

K carbohydrates carbs from complex sugars, such as oatmeal, whole- grain rice or noodles, provide energy by more vitamins and minerals.

L Refreshes as extra lime slice in glass of water, agitated by the Metabolism and makes for an hour or two tired.

M carrots contain carotene, from which the body converts vitamin A. Therefore very important for the eyes. Effective only in conjunction with a dollop. Oil or cream cheese.

N Nuts Very rich in protein. By good fats they affect blood fat low values.

O Oranges rich in vitamin C and protects the immune system.

P plums natural laxative. They help to purify and are rich of iron.

Q Quark high protein content and good low calorie substitute for cream in cake and tarts.

The R radishes contained mustard oils that the radishes sharpness lend, they stimulate the appetite and promote the Digestive.

S Sauce Should not be too bold, because it’s bad for your blood fat levels. Instead prefer to cook with the vegetable broth with Bratensud.

T Tomato Lycopene Does that behave positively in certain cancers. Protects and strengthens the mucous membranes of the cell structure.

U Unsweetened If possible drink, all drinks unsweetened. Is healthier and the ingredients may be better distributed

Whether V Vitamins A, B, C or K, all vitamins are essential to survival and each vitamin has specific properties. Example: Vitamin B1 important for nerve vitamin E has anti-inflammatory

W Water is not only important for our body, but also for washing of fruits and vegetables before preparing. Thus, any pesticides and Wash away bacteria

Y Hyssop is a plant. Processes it fits well in stews. Contains vitamin C

Z zucchini Very low in calories, contain a lot of water and more than seven minerals