Now the summer is coming and, in view of the much-dreaded swimsuit season, everyone is running behind diets prohibitive and sometimes harmful to health. It is indeed time to recover the lost shape and feel better, wearing new garments favorite few pounds ago, but by attention to health. The important thing to achieve the goal and do the right things. So here are ten simple tips to improve your diet and lose weight in a balanced and sustainable way.

The first tip and drink plenty of water and especially away from meals. Drinking, you know, it is essential for the body, but is also vital to losing weight healthily. Drink from at least 2 liters a day. This helps to eliminate fluids and toxins and increases the feeling of satiety by decreasing appetite. Beware though: you know that the first pounds are lost body fluids, then absolutely do not change habits and continue to drink. A regular and heavy consumption of water throughout the diet will make it more stable your new shape.


Eat regularly respecting times. Skipping meals will make you lose weight quickly but the pounds lost this way you will rediscover just as quickly. Eat more meals a day: eat little and often prevents hunger pangs. Rather than not nourish so it is better to reduce the dose without deprive yourself of food. Doing so does not incur the sense of deprivation and the body will get used to the new calorie intake.

Avoid alcohol and carbonated drinks or sugary. Although caffeine is not recommended. It will calm the hunger at the moment but the effect is short and your appetite will come back as soon as possible. So avoid the appetizers at the bar, preferring a light dinner even outdoors in the company of friends. We will avoid getting fat and give you a pleasant time in more .

Remember to enrich your diet with fiber, fruits and vegetables that increase the feeling of satiety and promote intestinal transit , ensuring you decorative from the dross. In the market you can find a variety of foods made ​​from bran, rye, grains and whole foods. You can then choose the ones that are closest to your taste with the advantage of not having to give up bread and biscuits keeping the line reached.

Choose the diet by consulting a nutritionist. Not all diets are in fact suitable for all situations. Care must be taken by those who suffer from particular disorders that require special foods, food allergies, etc.. So do not forget to talk with your doctor about your intention to follow a diet and listen to his advice on the matter.

Set yourself goals. Put the small weekly or monthly goals to achieve is a good way to take the diet seriously and not to frustrate the efforts and achievements. Marked progress on a calendar. This will help you track your success and motivation.

If you can not eat at home try to avoid sandwiches, snacks and junk food. Be prepared in advance of salads or simple recipes to eat during the lunch break and fruit salads in season.
better not to eat in front of the computer completely detach from work and chew slowly. It will help to stabilize the rhythm of the entire day’s diet and ensuring better digest the feeling of satiety without too much weight.

Integrate the diet with physical activity. You do not need three hours a day in the gym. You can choose to go to work by bicycle, taking the stairs instead of taking the elevator or taking a walk in the evening after dinner. Choose an activity that you like so you can keep in shape while having fun.

Gratify. Every time you reach a new target yourself a gift , a magazine, a flower, a movie at the cinema. After all efforts have to be paid back, even with very little. You can also eat a slice of cake if the balance is back to smile at as long as it does not become a recurring gift too.

The last tip is to make a leap in the library. You can find many texts full of helpful tips and why not, maybe even a good book with which to keep the mind engaged in a pleasant way.