One of the most sensitive for us women, the most hated and coveted goal: DIET . A continuous search for consistency and commitment in putting into practice really a diet! And here are 10 secrets to come to our victorious perfect fit!

A pre-requisite to start a diet is to decide to really want it, or resolve willing to sacrifice, without skimping on anything or anyone, and especially with ourselves! The trick to finding the iron will is required to understand how the sacrifice, that the principle of the diet seems to be a real torture, both in reality mere respect to the results that we obtain not only the conquest of a visible improvement of the appearance, but also of greater self-confidence. What we need therefore is a lot of enthusiasm, being careful that we can feed the daily improvements of our physical form, which, although minimal, can be perceived by a woman who knows her body. In this regard we must arm of a small agenda , which will be for us as a kind of diary of our results.


From the first day diet plan is crucial to perform the same ritual every morning when you awake: detect our weight on a balance, measure, with the help of a tape measure, waist circumference, waist-round, round-thigh, around- arm and pin it all on our agenda. After a week we could appreciate our real changes, doing a little background. If the outcome is good that we could not feel more motivated to continue on the same line, if our hopes are betrayed CAUTION: Do not despair, but concediamoci at least another three weeks, aware of the fact that not all have the same metabolism, and is sometimes need to extend a little ‘time.

A key aspect to take a diet with the right foot is to understand that what we need is the diet most suitable for us, allowing us to avoid dying of hunger but to be able to lose the same weight. For this we say NO to opt for a drastic diets and nutrition. Useful consult a nutritionist, who after having undergone a series of tests, can you point out which foods to avoid (due to allergies and intolerances, of which many of us suffer even without being aware of it) and how to reorganize our food lifestyle. We begin, therefore, by not overdo the waivers because, as we all know, our body needs to take in the most varied types of food. Instead, what is needed is to reduce the portions, refusing the mountains of pasta that we administer our mothers Italian at every meal!

In addition to eating a little of everything, we will have to distribute the meals during the day, making sure not to overdo it: if, for example, at lunch eat a plate of pasta, best to avoid bread and other carbohydrates for the rest of the day. At this About us will be essential to know when to eat. Ideally, you should eat 5 meals a day: breakfast, snack mid morning, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, dinner. The meals are of course fundamental breakfast (which should be done because it critical to have the energy you need during the day), lunch and dinner.

The snacks are meant to dampen hunger, not to arrive at the next meal with a hungry lioness, which drives us to eat even the table! It is therefore sufficient to eat a fruit or a low-fat yogurt. It ‘important to understand that hunger is always indulged because it is the wake up call at which the stomach warns us to be ready again to take food.We are so clever: we introduce something light but introduciamolo, so that our stomach starts to work putting in order the gastric juices, which are our best allies, because they allow us to burn. Whenever you have hunger, therefore, do not despair: you eat a fruit or a yogurt without guilt.