The woman’s intimate area is extremely delicate, which is why care must be taken only when the toilet.

A large percentage of women claim to have suffered from vaginal infections . Usually when you are sexually active, the vagina is more prone to suffer from these infections. Many women feel ashamed of having had that because they think the only reason of getting a disease of these is the lack of hygiene.
But vaginal infections the most common type usually occur shortly after initiating sex for the first time since the vagina is more prone to bacterial growth.



Unlike what many believe, vaginal infections can be contracted for several reasons:

1.Inadequate hygiene
2.Use of toilet soaps in the intimate
3.Use of scented toilet paper or use it with great force
4.Use protective pads or flavored
5.Tight clothes
6.Silk indoor use
7.Showers or vaginal deodorants
8.Do not wash before or after sex
9.Use of contraceptives or other medications
10.Hormonal changes in women
11.Problems at the other organs and malnutrition

These infections usually present with severe itching, discharge abundant, malodorous, yellow, presence of visible mold, discoloration of the vulva (usually red), among others. It is worth mentioning that if this problem does not receive proper treatment, could have serious health consequences of intimate and generally women.

Care to prevent infection

In the case of the existence of an infection, you need to visit a gynecologist to diagnose the type of infection and appropriate medications to treat it. But before you regret getting an infection, you can have care that will help maintain the balance of vaginal flora and not out of control bacterial growth.
To prevent vaginal secretions of any kind is necessary to use a branch of cat’s claw and an equivalent amount of white flowers, boil water and when you are at boiling point , place the cat’s claw and white flower in the water, turn off the heat, let cool and eat rather than drink water. Cat’s claw and white flowers are available in any place that sells natural products.

After passing the menstrual cycle, it is recommended to use eggs. This helps maintain a good clean close because it eliminates waste. To avoid strong odors, after urination can be used wet wipes and alcohol-free ginecológicamente tested or flush area with water only and dry well, which will help keep the area free of moisture and prevent bacteria and odors.

Avoid using tight clothing, showers and vaginal sprays, scented intimate products and silk underwear, since the latter tends to damp genital and production of fungi and bacteria. Hygiene prior to privacy is very important, so both must be cleansed before having an intimate moment and after it and thus avoid genital or oral diseases and odors. Remember that intimate health of women is one of the most important and therefore must be considered by all women to enjoy a healthy life.