Sometimes that headache, swelling of the legs or makes your day depends on it. All time pending your discomfort and take what you take, if you will, the disease reappears. Symptoms are “common”, but no one should neglect so. Then we give you a list of symptoms and pains you must not ignore and how to treat them. Do you take notes?

Headache or migraine

The worst of all evils, the most common. The causes can be a migraine. But if it is related to vision, can have worse causes. If this simple migraine is accompanied by a visual aura, sudden severe pain, it may be a brain aneurysm. These lumps are often painless, and is imperceptible unless it breaks and bleeding occurs. If this happens, you should immediately contact the doctor to repair the blood vessel and end the bleeding.

Pain in the side

Feeling a strong stitch, as if it were a penetrating stab, which grows with the passing days. In these cases, if the pain is accompanied by fever and nausea, may be suffering appendicitis , but can also be an ovarian cyst. The solution: unfortunately, for both cases, is usually an emergency surgery, although in the case of ovarian cyst, only necessary if a cyst is twisted, which can block blood flow to the ovary, and that can lead to the need to cut the entire ovary.


Stitches and chest pain

If you’ve ever felt a burning in the stomach, or chest tightness, can probably be by suffering a heart attack . Other milder symptoms, besides the pressure, are sore throat, fatigue or lack of food. In these cases, you must quickly go to the doctor, where you have an electrocardiogram to know about the damage to the heart, and then begin treatment.

Gas and bloating

When do you usually feel discomfort caused by abdominal gas and bloating, the worst may be a cause of ovarian cancer. Within its first symptoms are bloating, pelvic or abdominal pain and trouble eating. If these symptoms are repeated daily for more than three weeks is an alarm that must be taken into account. In these cases, the gynecologist will forward their case to a gynecologic oncologist, if you have cancer. A CT or ultrasound may detect the tumor, ovarian cases that have up to a 90% chance to heal.

Back pain and tingling in the fingers

Feeling numb the fingers or toes, accompanied by severe back pain, it may be because the disc is pressing on a spinal nerve. The disc is spongy rings that cushion the bones of the spine. If the CT or MRI reports a slipped disc or ruptured, the treatment consists in physical therapy. In extreme cases of stay and worsen symptoms for months will require surgery to remove the disc.

Swelling and leg pain

Having swollen legs causes pain, especially if they feel hot and are colored. These cases may be due to deep venous thrombosis, where blood accumulates in the bottom of the body and form a clot. This problem is detected by a CT scan or ultrasound, and in the case of having the clot, shall take blood thinners, even for a period of one year.

As each of these conditions may be insignificant and ordinary trouble, if it gets worse or lasts too long, you need a doctor visit and ruled that it is something worse.