The swollen belly tends to be a nuisance very popular among the people, both men and women. Often this is caused by a poor diet or because of eating too fast for the hectic pace that requires us to our daily lives. hateful Let’s see how to avoid this problem, which becomes a real blemish that we are then forced to hide with the baggy sweaters or other remedies. Instead we see how to intervene in a simple and effective, according to the specific lines of the foods to avoid.

Follow proper nutrition is the key to solving many problems related to our health and to our daily well-being , combining course always a healthy physical activity. happens then that some foods are not digested well and then they get to cause the inevitable swelling abdominal . One of the first things to know is that most human beings are lactose intolerant, this means that many dairy products are preferably to be avoided, such as milk, cottage cheese. instead are granted ripened cheeses such as Em mental, Cheddar, the Gruyere.


Once ingested foods tend to ferment naturally, which is why it will also be useful to consume cycles of lactic acid in order to rebalance the bacterial flora, yogurt can also be useful. too, because the swelling is not only a problem but anti-aesthetic often associated with the formation of gas and cramping quite annoying . follow the diet that we must, therefore, be preferable to avoid associating different types of protein, such as milk and meat, eggs and cheese, fish and legumes.

Then are strictly prohibited carbonated beverages, even as vegetables and legumes, broccoli and cabbage, which have a tendency to ferment. then the main cause of the swelling is excessive use of salt in cooking, because it produces water retention , so we pay attention to all of the foods which retain the presence. Paradoxically fibers also are to be avoided, since although on the one hand facilitate the evacuation and are in fact used for weight loss, on the other hand may swell in the stomach with the presence of liquids that ingest. It will be good then reduce their use; will also be useful as cross out from our list while coffee and alcohol, which in addition to being harmful causing this nuisance.