The sunflower, a plant rich in vitamin E and healthy fatty acids, is recommended for the pituitary gland, and its seeds have many properties.

The sunflower is an annual plant with strong roots penetrating a stem is very long which can reach well over 2 meters, the leaves are oval, triangular or heart-shaped and attached by a strong petiole. At the end of the stem one or more inflorescences chapter, with lots of yellow flowers, the petals are yellow, the fruit is known that sunflower seeds are blackish or whitish depending on variety. It blooms from July to September. The flower heads are collected when bracts chapter are external blackening is then cut to threshing after beating them.


Sunflower oil highly desirable, and plant rich in vitamin E and healthy fatty acids

For its wealth of healthy fatty acids, the herb is highly recommended in cases of hypercholesterolemia and is advised its oil is used for seasoning vegetables and raw vegetables, with a complement of our Mediterranean diet.The abundance of vitamin E, sunflower makes an important energy source of the pituitary, key engine and other glands. The pituitary controls growth and development of the human body.

In addition you will recognize properties:

¤ Purgative, pulmonary, nutritional, febrifuge, antispasmodic, vulnerary, aphrodisiac and stimulating the endocrine glands.

Sunflower seeds, as well as fatty oils beneficial to our health, contain vitamin A, C and E as above, and tannins.

Properties of sunflower seeds or sunflower seeds

The leaves and seeds are also called sunflower seeds have therapeutic applications, although more recent studies also recognize the pharmacological value of the flowers and stems of sunflower in alcoholic tincture form to combat malarial fever. Apply in cases of:

¤ Inflammation, pleurisy, malarial fever, atherosclerosis, hypercholesterolemia, wounds and sores, prostate invigorating and assimilation of lipids.

The seeds they are used to extract sunflower oil good for seasoning, should not be hot processed as they would lose all their nutritional value and medicinal.The seed marketed as the famous sunflower seeds, we will find for sale in small bags (in shell or not) like the pipes of pumpkin and other nuts.

Benefits and uses of sunflower seed properties, leaves, stems and flowers of this plant

Like poppy, the onion, dandelion, blackberry, and chamomile We benefit from the medicinal properties of this plant, so using it internally and externally.


¤ For fevers, colds, stomach flu and how we can use about 30 gr. of dried leaves in a quart of boiling water for 2 minutes.
¤ An infusion of roasted and ground seeds in a proportion of 60 gr. per liter of water, reduces stress and helps to regulate fat.
¤ A tincture of freshly plucked flowers (flowers not cones) are mixed in equal parts with 60 gr. juicy stems of plants that bloom and kept about seven days in one liter of alcohol, filter and can take 50 drops daily diluted in water after meals and is useful against malaria and fevers consumptive.
¤ We can make wine and take a tablespoon sunflower fasting and once after meals, is indicated as stomach and helps in colds and pleurisy. The wine is made using about 100 grams of stem sunflower macerated in 200 grams of alcohol at 90 ° and leaving about one month in solution in the sun, after which time the filter and keep for one week, we’ll take it diluted in a liter of wine white.


¤ A crushed leaves and flowers equally, as a poultice to put on bruises and wounds, is healing.
¤ The wine is made from this plant, we can apply it gently to stop and heal ulcers sores previously washed.

In America has used its flour porridge and cakes infants.

sunflower cultivation, history and trivia

Plant known and adored by the Indians, who considered the representation of the sun, was introduced in the Iberian Peninsula through Portugal and Catalonia, and from there it spread to the rest of Europe. The sunflower is reproduced by seeds, preparing the ground like any other cereal, cleaning of weeds, and plowing a few days before planting, when the plant reaches about 30 cm. is when it can pay with specific preparations for the case. When flowering starts, irrigation should cease. It is cultivated in gardens, in deep or dry land and irrigated fresh. Also planted in gardens as an ornamental.The sunflower wakes up staring at the sun and rotates with it as it moves toward the south to get back into the sunset to sunset, the end of the stem is tilted very apparent way to the ground.