When is it used?

Sulfur is one of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies. It may be appropriate for almost all complaints, especially frequently, however, complaints of skin and digestive tract.


For skin diseases like rashes and inflammation associated with itching Sulphur is used in homeopathy. All complaints of skin have in common is that they are aggravated by heat and by contact with water.Sulfur is also widely used in homeopathy for ailments of the stomach and intestines. This remedy is indicated for diarrhea or constipation. Diarrhea and constipation can also alternate. The chairs and the smell disgusting flatulence. Itching and inflammation of the anus also speak well to the homeopathic medicine.

The sulfur-type

People in need of Sulphur have a strong need for recognition and need recognition from friends and family. They can be very philosophical people, the sheer thought that everyday things are no longer in control. They are often on the fact that they put no value on their appearance. Maybe the hair is unkempt, his jacket splattered buttoned up wrong or the T-shirt. Everywhere they found the hair in the soup and have to criticize everything. Often overestimate Sulphur types themselves and brag about what they can supposedly.


Speaks for the middle, when people collect many useless things and keep them for treasures, though things are already broken and perhaps worthless. They are often anxious about their own health or that of family, even if sometimes they are rather reserved in dealing with family and friends. But the opposite is the case. People who are very open, maintain close relations and recognition received by its involvement in the social sector can also benefit from the homeopathic remedy.


The symptoms are aggravated by heat and it is especially bad at night by the warmth of the bed. Washing or bathing, in general, contact with water, is very poorly tolerated.

Desires and aversions

There is a great demand for Fatty, for sweets and alcohol. Particularly strong demand for the beer and whiskey is pronounced. There is a strong resentment against eggs. This can not be tolerated. They evoke strong and extremely foul-smelling flatulence.

Local symptoms

# at night under the covers are their feet burning hot, and are revealed
# Headaches over the weekend
# great feeling of hunger by 11 clock in the morning
# Waking up 5-6 clock in the morning because of diarrhea
# light sleep and good sleep during the first hours, then wake up and can not sleep deeply
# Skin rashes itch very much
# all extremely smelly secretions
# a lot of foul-smelling sweat
# Pains are burning