Suicide: 9 out of 10 people who commit suicide is based on depression, anxiety, addictions and is closely related to the economic problems.

It is estimated that 9 out of 10 people who commit suicide is based on depression, anxiety, addictions or other psychological illness. People with close relatives who have decided to commit suicide, are five times more likely to do them as well as other people who do not. The depressed person may see suicide the only way out of their suffering. It is a way to escape from it all, since he thinks all the time of life that “he is” going to be a path of disappointment and little or no desire to live. They also tend to believe that it would be best for your family, because they look like a heavy load.

Strategies to prevent suicide

As a first strategy, we urge the suicidal to think what their reasons to live, teach him to see the positive things in life and clear as far as possible the negative. Normally, the person who is thinking about suicide only remembers the possible reasons for suicide, but rarely consider what your reasons for living. The search for the positive aspects of life makes you see this person, despite their great loss and suffering, life deserves to be lived.


A second strategy is to look for reasons not to die. When a person wants to commit suicide is to escape the pain that will not let you live, but how much pain arises not cause his suicide on loved ones. We can ask how it would affect his suicidal death to others. For example, we can ask: What your wife if you feel suicidal?, What would you think your 7 year old when you tell him you killed, how would affect your family in general? We can raise other questions deal only with the suicide, for example: Who will guarantee that you will not suffer or actually going to die, and not to stay paraplegic lifetime if you jump out the window?.

List of suicides with the economic crisis

Some studies correlate the economic crisis with rising suicide deaths, in a proportion of 0.8% increase in the suicide rate for each point increase in unemployment, and mental disorders such as anxiety or depression. On the occasion of Mental Health Day 2012, held under the slogan “depression, a global crisis, the World Health Organization warned of the influence of the economic causes of the problem and just said unemployment and defaults as the major causes of suicide.

The index marking a 0.8% increase in the rate of suicides per point increase in unemployment, established from a study published in 2009 in the journal The Lancet on the relationship between suicide and economic crises in twenty-six European countries over three decades, is currently serving in the case of countries like Greece, Ireland or Spain.

In that professions are more suicide rate

He says, with more reason that sarcastically, that the only risk professional poets is suicide. It may be that because of its great sensitivity are more susceptible to contracting a depression or mental illness than the rest of us. Many poets and writers have killed her themselves as the romantic Mariano Jose de Larra, who after receiving a visit from his beloved Dolores Armijo on the third floor of No. 3 Santa Clara Street, there was no possibility of agreement between the two. He shot himself in the head, with only twenty-seven.