Research states that obesity is not the main factor of type II diabetes, but is the added sugar in the human diet. Dissent.

Dr. Robert Lustig of the University of California and Sanjay Basu of Stanford University conducted a major study, published in the journal Plos One, and that spread between February 28 and March 2 last.They claim that sugar plays an especially harmful in type 2 diabetes and is the main substance that affects the current and cause the disease endemic. The research was based on analysis of statistics receptacles sugar diabetes and for the past 10 years in 175 countries.

Obesity as a cause of diabetes

Dr. Lustig, on the occasion of the announcement of the study proclaimed a phrase that sums up the point about obesity and diabetes: “Obesity costs us zero dollars and zero produces death” and added: The chronic metabolic disease, which is associated with obesity, but may have additional or different causes, costs us $ 192 billion a year. The study does not claim that cause obesity sugar but is ensuring that the substance is linked to diabetes and identified as an indicator of this disease apart from obesity, which usually almost always related to the diabetes.

The importance of obesity in diabetes

As to clarify the findings of the study, Dr. Sanjay Basu said: “We are not reducing the importance of obesity at all, but these data suggest that at the population level there are additional factors that contribute to diabetes risk regardless of obesity and total calorie and sugar appears to play a role.


Basu said: “The study provides the first evidence for large-scale, population-based, the idea that not all calories are equal from the point of view of the risk of diabetes.” From this arises the conclusion of the relationship sugar directly and independently with diabetes.

Proportion of sugar in a country with many diabetics

The investigation concluded that the amount of sugar consumed per capita of a country was directly related to diabetic patients who were in it. The study took into account an extra calorie amount (150) that was measured in the population, calories from all food sources and found that in this case, the incidence of diabetes was determined on a percentage of 0.1%, while if the same excess calories came from sugar, people with diabetes increased by 1.1%.

As zucar affects the liver and pancreas

Another issue was the parameter called “excess sugar” that a country was exposed: the time period in which that this situation occurred, was directly related to the greater of diabetics. Basu says that these data do not demonstrate that sugar was the cause of obesity but of how sugar affects the body. In this regard, he said, compared to figures gathered: served to support the full range of experimental evidence and previous laboratory, suggesting that sugar affects the liver and pancreas so differently than other types of food alter or obesity.

Reviews of specialists on the study of sugar and obesity

Not everyone agrees with the study’s conclusions. Marion Nestle, professor of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at New York University, agrees with the conclusion, but to some extent. Obesity is a risk factor, not a disease,” Nestle said, adding: “But there is a very clear correlation between diabetes and obesity anyone can see .

Meanwhile, Matthew Hobbs, head of the NGO Research Diabetes UK, said the findings should be treated with caution. Hobbs says: “At the moment, the evidence is not strong enough.” The agency advises that he presides at least reduce consumption of foods high in sugar or fat because the calories can lead to win invidious overweight, which in turn raises the risk of type 2 diabetes. This recommendation does not mean banning sugar as substance itself.

Another view is that of Dr. David Katz, founding director of the Center for Prevention and Research, Yale University , who said: “A direct link between sugar and diabetes is reasonable, and the food industry uses variations on sugar as additives to improve the palatability of foods to make them more tasty and irresistible, while its quality is degraded. and added: “But sugar is not the only problem as starches and other high glycemic foods can also be harmful to health.”