Sugar can develop addiction like alcohol and drugs, so it is necessary to notice if it has that addiction.

Candy is one of the flavors that sugar has the privilege of giving a supplement for humans and much needed too. Useful for all, for coffee, juices, desserts, beverages in general, candies, among others.It is usually preferred by children, because they are very active and energetic wear valuable, they need to recover somehow and as sugar helps develop energy, the body of them asks. It is therefore not advisable to completely deprive children of sugar, you just have to establish some control.

In adults, the need to consume sugar must meet nutritional functions, because the body needs a certain amount of glucose and alcohol, iron, fats, among others, as this would maintain an organic balance and the person may enjoy a stable health. But there are people who spend the level of taste for sugar, they need to consume a little more often than the others and to do so, a bit rare experience symptoms and this is known as sugar addiction.


How to know if you have addiction?

If you are a person who likes more sweet than the others, we must be alert, because this could be or end up in addiction. You have to look far in the frequency of these cravings are a dessert or a drink sweet and cloying as tolerance. If there is a daily and repeated in a single day, you can be talking about a person who has a strong urge to eat sweet cravings since they should not be so frequent. Remember that people usually consume fresh daily, either in fruits, in coffee or tea and juices after meals, so this should be enough to give your body the amount of candy you need.

Cravings should be sporadic, not daily or frequent, because if so, there is talk of a sugar addiction.Not the same view and buy something sweet to enjoy once in a while, you get something sweet to buy and feel the need to frequently. Another thing to consider is when a person refrains from eating sugar for whatever the reason. If the person wanted to eat something sweet and could not get it, for lack of money or for whatever reason and feel anxiety, irritability, discomfort, pain and even insomnia, then yes there is a problem with sugar.

Kick the Habit

For starters, do not panic if you have a problem with sugar, since it will not kill the person, nor cause serious problems in all cases. It is true that there are risks with sugar, such as suffering from diabetes , but the disease does not occur as a result of consuming sugar and a person continues to be liable for not consuming it. However, no excess is good and it is not healthy to develop dependencies, so there are some practices to eliminate excessive consumption of sweets. It is wrong to completely abstain from sugar, because it can achieve and the symptoms of it can be disturbing.

You should go slowly decreasing the amount of sugar in small details, like a spoonful less coffee or juice, if consumed daily dessert, change it to spend a day and then decrease until it is once a week.You can replace the common sugar a natural sweetener for coffee, juice and tea, but this does not mean that they stop using the other. Alternate between the two, and will eat sweet lesser extent and without suffering so terribly consume no symptoms. Finally we must find a way to relax and avoid those withdrawal symptoms and this can be done by use of relaxing herbs such as Valerian, lettuce infusion, Chamomile, among others.