Sugar is popular, but the high consumption leads to disease and obesity. Which sugars are good and which not? And consumption figures at a glance.

Sugar is brain food, sugar is for the health and physical performance is particularly important, sugar is a real natural product. Just to be happy is promoting the industry substandard food with such quality statements. For a sweet tooth a good alibi for sweets to enjoy thoroughly. In reality, such statements are a major dietary error or a false statement. You have no (factory)-sugar food to supply the neurons with nutrients. The amount of dextrose (glucose) that requires the nervous system, the body, for example, the complex carbohydrates bring in bread, rice, whole grains, potatoes, fruit and vegetables. It is true that as the glucose immediately brings energy, as he shoots quickly into the blood, but this energy increase as rapidly follows a physical counter-reaction, which manifests itself with difficulty concentrating and increased appetite for sweets.Countless studies, books and articles seen in the sweet temptation more of a sugar calories, vitamin robbers, a pollutant, and even a drug that destroys our health.

The isolated sugar

When we talk about sugar, so it is generally the standard table sugar also known as sucrose meaning that is produced from beet fabrikatorisch, cane sugar or corn. Of the sugar industry it is because of plant origin, therefore, often referred to as food. From the original food is to the refining, however, not much left. Sugar is one of the carbohydrates, 100 grams provide 394 calories.


How are the authors of the book sugar. no thanks, Binder and Wahler describe accurately, sugar factory is no more natural product such as heroin, although this will of course become even to one hundred percent of the juice of the opium poppy. Sugar Factory is a chemically pure, denatured, and thus dead substance, the more than 99 percent of all valuable substances have been withdrawn (including vitamins, minerals, fiber). No food produced such a great desire to eat more and more of them, just like the sugar. Sugar is a stimulant and pollutants, and therefore belongs in the same group such as tobacco, alcohol and coffee. Sugar addiction has become among nutrition professionals already become synonymous with a serious health problem of our time.

The natural sugars in foods

Real source of energy, the natural sugars in the green leaf of the plant, caused by the light of the sun. A fruit or sugar beet, the sugar contains features, yet all the nutrients that are necessary for the digestion and utilization in the body. There is a considerable difference in the effect on the human organism and in the course of metabolic processes, whether the person (or animal) isolated sugar factory will be located, or contain natural foods, the sugar and sugar-forming substances.

The many names of sugar

Sugar factory is the generic term for all types of sugar derived from sugar factory in the food and thus represent nutrient concentrates. These include, in addition to the ordinary white table sugar, among other things, the brown sugar, grapes, fruit, malt, milk sugar, cane sugar, SUCANAT, beet syrup, maple syrup, apple juice concentrate, pear juice concentrate, primal sweetness, molasses. There are, so to speak empty carbohydrates. Under industrial sugar refers to the portion of the plant sugar that is not used in the household in drinks or in food preparation, but after refining in the food industry remains where it is processed directly in ready meals, confectionery, baby food, salad dressings, ketchup, Cocoa mix drinks, sausages, canned food, soft drinks, sparkling wine and many other products.