Women love handbags. Less satisfactory: A study of 16.05.2013 shows that one in five women’s handbag has more germs than a toilet seat.

Handbags are a constant companion of most women and be loved as a fashion accessory hot. How, then, a recent study by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” shows one in five women handbag is so heavily contaminated with bacteria and germs that they may even pose a health risk to humans.

Hand cream, mascara and lipstick are the worst germ carriers in ladies bags

The carrier is the worst germ tube of hand cream that is found in almost every lady’s bag. As an investigation of the hygiene service “Initial Hygiene” revealed more germs were found to be on a normal toilet seat to the cream tubes. Other popular with women cosmetics such as mascara and lipstick cut hardly do better. Here also found bacteria and germs in questionable high number like the British “Daily Mail” reported mainly offer leather handbags by their rough surface structure pathogenic germs almost ideal conditions for its growth. Women bag made โ€‹โ€‹of synthetic material or substance are less susceptible germinating.

Reason for the high contamination degree is the fact that handbags are in constant contact with the hands of the wearer. In addition, bags and their contents are rarely cleaned. As Peter Barratt of “Initial Hygiene” explained reached germs and bacteria in this way also in the face. He advises women to regularly wash your hands to reduce the number of bacteria. In addition, women’s handbags and their contents should be cleaned regularly with antibacterial wipes or gel to reduce disease-causing germs and prevent bacterial contamination.


Office kitchen, desk and computer keyboard are a breeding ground for germs

Not only the ever-popular ladies handbags proved to be a real source of germs. As a recent study showed, has half the surfaces in office kitchens on a worrying high number of coliform bacteria. This can be the cause of serious gastrointestinal disorders in sensitive individuals. Also office desks where people spend a lot of time in general, are much dirtier than a toilet. Particularly disgusting: At work, summarizes, on average, every four minutes in the face and thus comes into direct contact with disease-causing germs and bacteria. These go through the mucous membranes of eyes, nose and mouth into the body and can cause diseases there. Besides coli bacteria Helicobacter pylori and also staph can cause stomach problems, diarrhea and skin problems.

Lots of bacteria and germs can be found next to the work area of desks, computer keyboard, mouse, doorknobs and telephones. Therefore, this should be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Most importantly, a good hand hygiene , the most helps to reduce the bacterial load.