Pay attention to how your teeth are now are you squeezing or grinding them. Many people do it without realizing it or realize it but believe it is normal. Well it is not! Tightening your teeth when not needed is a condition. If you squeeze your teeth or make them squeak when you’re not chewing anything, not even gum do not you think it might have consequences for your teeth?

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This condition is called bruxism and at first, it is not serious as many people can do it from time to time and never realize it. But in the long run it can bring serious complications for your teeth and for your jaw.

What causes bruxism?

It is not yet known exactly what causes people to squeeze and grind their teeth more than necessary. On the one hand, it is known to be quite common in children especially when their jaw is developing and their teeth are emerging.

On the other hand, it has been found that in most adults bruxism has psychological causes. For example, when you are stressed or anxious your body becomes tense and tends to squeeze your teeth without you noticing. It also has a lot to do if your personality is hyperactive aggressive or competitive. If you have a lot of aggression anger or energy repressed because all that tension could be reflected by squeezing your jaw.

How do you know if you have bruxism?

Some people do it during the day and it is easier to identify. But because bruxism is more common at night you probably have to make an extra effort to detect it. During the day try to make yourself aware of what you are doing with your teeth.

When you are writing in front of the computer, driving your car or walking, think for a second what you are doing with your teeth and look. That is the best way to figure it out if you’re squeezing them in the least expected moments, it’s kind of like discovering yourself subversive.

Ask the person who sleeps with you if you make a noise with your teeth at night. Many people with bruxism, especially children grind their teeth with great force during the nights and make so much noise that sometimes they wake their partner or roommate.

See if you experience tooth, jaw, head or ear pain, often especially in the morning when you wake up.

What are the long-term consequences?

As I told you before, many people squeeze and grind their teeth occasionally, and that does not necessarily cause them a health problem. In the long run, your teeth may lose enamel, prick, break (break) and loosen and in some cases you may lose them