Steaming, so the preparation of food in the water vapor, rather than in boiling water, a relatively new trend in the kitchen market. Few however, know that this method of cooking has been around for centuries and especially in the Far Eastern cuisine has a long tradition.

Thus, steam cooked,

A basic distinction between the vapor pressure-free cooking and pressure steaming. Pressureless steam cooking the food is cooked with the steam of boiling water at ambient pressure. When pressure-steaming on the other hand, the food and the boiling water from a closed environment system, the boiling water leads to an increase in pressure within the system. The pressure that is usually limited to 2 bar leads to the fact that water boils at 120 ° C. This leads to a lower cooking time than in the pressureless steam cooking.


What can be cooked?

Vegetables, potatoes, legumes, and some types of pasta can be cooked with a steamer without problems. But also dishes such as stews, fish, poultry, sausages or breakfast eggs by steaming to a healthy and tasty experience. The Cooking with a steamer is so easy not only diverse but also because even the canning and juicing can be done by steaming.

Cooking by rising water vapor is an ancient Chinese tradition and a very gentle process that promotes the development of flavors and aromas, and so the value of food consumption is greatly increased. In addition, vitamins, minerals and trace elements by up to 50% will remain better than in conventional cooking. Because the food does not lie directly in the water, but are gently cooked by steam from all sides, it can not for the so-called “boil” and the ingredients are not diluted, drained or dried out. The results speak for themselves and taste.

Knowledge of the preparation of food under water vapor, however, was not confined to Asia. Even the pot with water, put our grandmothers in the oven so the meat does not dry up and the bread was a brown, crispy crust, provides a basis for the steaming process dar. In summary, one should say that steam cooking is a gentle cooking method that offers the possibility of a healthy, tasty and low calorie diet. An attempt should be boiled with water vapor that is worth it.