Home Health Care has become a booming business in recent years and workers are needed to fill the available positions. Some states have more positions available than others. Here is a look at the importance of this position, what training is required for you to qualify for this job, and which states have the biggest opportunities for you to utilize your skills.

What is a Home Health Care Provider
As a Home Health Care Professional, you will have many responsibilities that directly affect the life of another human being. You will be working with individuals who are disabled, cognitively impaired, or chronically ill. There are also many elderly adults who might need your help. These individuals usually need help with everyday activities such as taking a bath, getting dressed, and doing some home cleaning. In some states, an in home care service may even give medication to a client or check vital signs under the watch of a nurse.

If you are a relative interested in this service for a loved one, look into finding out as much as you can about a company and the individuals they send to work with your loved ones. You can stop in at any time while they are working to check how things are going. If you are worried about what will happen to your loved one if there is an emergency, here is some information about what your home health aide is to be trained on.

Qualifications for Being a Home Health Aide
There is no formal education that you have to complete for becoming a home health aide or personal care aide. Not even a high school diploma is required to be employed. There is, however, formal training one must complete and a standardized test that must be passed to work in this field. You will be trained in housekeeping tasks and learn to cook for individuals with special dietary needs. You will know how to do basic safety techniques and know how to respond in an emergency.

Important qualities of an individual in this field having great interpersonal skills. You will be working closely with a client and you must be sensitive to their emotions. Being cheerful, compassionate, and emotionally stable will all help and having a genuine love for helping people will make you love your job. Some positions can be very physically demanding if the individual is unable to  move very well on their own. Time management skills are very important when it comes to getting your client to where they need to be, on time. If you have all of these qualities, you should look into getting into a position like this near you.

States With the Most Home Health Aide Positions Available
There are expected to be 70% more home health care positions that become available in the next ten years. This is high above normal job growth. The employment of nearly 2 million in 2010 will grow to well over 3 million by 2020.

The top ten places in the United States to be if you are in this profession is spread throughout the area particularly, Phoenix home care, in Arizona. Las Vegas, Nevada and Medford, Oregon take first and second place with Anchorage, Alaska and Bremerton-Silverdale, Washington finish out the top four. Fifth place belongs to the popular Myrtle Beach, South Carolina followed by El Paso, Texas and Atlanta, Georgia taking places six and seven. Santa Cruz, California and Olympia Washington round out the top ten with Dallas, Texas coming in last.

If you are in the Home Health Aide profession and are looking to procure work, these areas will give you the best chances to land a better paying job easier. The midwest states seem to have the worst availability while cities up and down both coasts seem to be flourishing.

By seeking out training and getting the qualifications you need, you can open up many job opportunities that in a quickly growing field. You will helping people in need and come home with a general feeling of well being knowing that you have made an impact on a client’s life. Start your career in Home Health Care today and see what you can do to change the world.