The medical advances in the search for new cancer drugs since 1948, when first discovered the molecule that makes shrink tumors.

Today has been 60 years since there was little hope of surviving the dreaded disease of cancer, today, more than half are curable, it can monitor progress and reduce mortality in most of those affected, but still a the biggest cause that kills thousands of people each year worldwide. Until 1950 no known way to cure almost any disease can now have new treatments that slow the development of some types of cancer in certain patients.

Researchers and scientists do their best to continue the search for future effective drugs, which must go through many processes such as laboratory experiments, control of safety and effectiveness before being approved by the competent authorities. What it means to wait nearly ten years until they reach the market for the medicine can be applied on the affected people.


Stages and advances in cancer medicine

The dates clearly show the great discoveries and scientific advances in the attempt to find new treatments that can cure or reduce disease, side effects, and pain. It all begins in 1948 when a group of scientists discovered the first folic acid-like molecule that decreases tumors. This is the first specimen of cytostatic and substances that inhibit cell division and prevent cancer cells to multiply.

Following this great discovery, in 1955, a second active substance cytostatic family, hit the market. It is a substance similar to a DNA element, which penetrates into the DNA and prevents the cell divided.
Two years later in 1957, is found Interferon, But had to spend tens of years to prepare the active substance and manufacture the drug.

So in 1986, Roche launches an interferon-based medication for various types of cancerous conditions and fight against the disease.In 1991, he discovered another substance active against the nausea of ​​chemotherapy, and is used also for those who suffer from vertigo, such as traveling by boat. Another treatment for cancer of the lymph glands authorized in 1997, which reduces side effects of chemotherapy.

Arriving at 2000, a new substance for breast cancer and leukemia was authorized, through this, you can better control the disease and monitor its evolution. Most affected have been cured, while another part is still, struggling to overcome it.

In 2003 a new release of active substance to cure colon cancer, with fewer side effects.Since 2004 more than a hundred of anticancer drugs known to medicine.In late 2010, more than 1300 active substances under consideration, indicating that new treatments will have medicine to fight cancer by 2020, and which, some have already been released.

How cancer forms

Cancer occurs when cells divide uncontrollably, and cell proliferation is different depending on the type of cancer that can occur in their own way in every person. The treatments carried out so far, can not make the difference between a cancer cell and another that is at the time of division.

What are the main types of cancer?

The estimated average of 400 different types, see the main and most often affecting.


¤ Cancer of the prostate, lung, colon, skin and bladder

¤ Cancer of the breast, colon, lung, skin and uterus.
Three ways to cure cancer

¤ Surgery by an operation.

¤ Chemotherapy drug.

¤ Radiation by lightning.

¤ It is sometimes necessary to combine the three treatments, depending on the degree of disease and evolves in the patient.

A cancer diagnosis does not mean that it is incurable

Therefore it is important to get checked regularly for a checkup and not leaving for any inconvenience morning suspicious. No means dying cancer, Is a temporary change must accept that for strength to overcome it. And so it depends on the disease and the advanced degree today may be curable.Early diagnosis ensures a short course, less painful, and certainly end the disease.

After surgery, almost always have to do a treatment and follow your doctor’s recommendations to accept advice and important rules to follow about diet and exercise. If everything works out five years, the disease is cured, while it is important to find something that motivates as an argument to fight and continue. Painting and writing are good allies to help maintain the serenity and quiet occupation.

Is it possible to prevent cancer?

Be prevented But there is no magic formula to find out who can affect prevention methods are known to have been reduced to 40% cancer, including information on warning signs infrequent in discomfort.
The medicine should be aware of starting healthy habits and above all the arrival of 50 years.The first preventive measure is still not always smoking, control weight and get regular studies because they are going to detect any abnormalities.

Important recommendation

A small granite or itchy lump for a long time, may be a warning sign.If someone in your family or friends have, and not go to the doctor, would recommend almost like an emergency to find a way to force him to go.The doctor is like a fountain of life, and visit regularly or when there is a symptom that persists, is a method of prevention.