Often due to a simple sharp movement or a movement carried out carelessly – can in fact happen that the foot stays fixed in the ground while checking the twist of the knee (both internally and externally) – you may run into a trauma distortion. The distortion occurs in the case in which thereby arises damaged ligaments. The latter are of four types: the internal collateral ligament, the external, the anterior cruciate and posterior cruciate . Often, however, does not occur complete lesion of the ligament but that some part of its fibers. In this guide we will explain how to make a proper treatment of knee sprain .

Fundamental, before you proceed, you recognize the symptoms. Usually, at the time of trauma , we perceive a sort of noise similar to a snap within the joint. The pain appears suddenly and is of sufficient intensity to completely stop, or significantly, the movement. A few hours start to appear, clear, easy bruising and bruising. In regain the upright position, then, you feel a sense of escape of the knee. Swelling and instability, in addition, considerably affect the balance of the subject. If you recognize yourself in this description just made, most likely your joint is injured. There touches that begin the treatment of recovery.


Make it your priority to rest immobilizing, as much as possible, the knee. You can compress it by means of a simple elastic bandage. Raise your leg in order to allow the joint to download tension and relieve pain. After placing the tissue above the point concerned, switch to make application of ice to last no longer than fifteen / twenty minutes. Once this is done, contact your doctor for advice about a specific treatment with drugs. He will advise you to strengthen the thigh muscles, specifically the quadriceps: in this way you will avoid the risk of further distortions.

After a few days, you can proceed with compresses specific: they will diminish the feeling of stiffness. Often used in therapies performed with ultrasound, laser and the like. If the distortion appears very severe, your doctor certainly will opt for surgery. Usually it is done in arthroscopy and allows the reconstruction of the damaged tissue. The wicked in hospital depends on the severity of the trauma. They range from 2/4 weeks up to 4/12 months. As we age, furthermore, subjects who have suffered injuries or sprains run the risk of knee osteoarthritis.